Friday, December 18, 2009


Nick and I are sitting here twiddling our thumbs... it's December 18, the day we close on our house. It was recorded with the county at 9:40 this morning and now we sit waiting for Lennar to hand over the keys!! Hannah is at school, the house is all packed up, beds are taken apart, table legs are off, boxes in the garage just waiting to be put into a moving truck and hauled over to our new beautiful home. I hate waiting, especially at this point when the house is officially ours and we are waiting on people that are probably not in a huge hurry like we are! Since everything is done, we ate lunch, Nick is now mowing lawns- purely because he is bored, and I sit blogging about how badly we NEED our keys!! We had planned on movers coming Saturday between 8-10 am, but they screwed up their scheduling and so now they are coming this afternoon around 4 o'clock. It's going to be a crazy, long day once it all gets rolling, but we are stoked to sleep in our new home tonight!! Hannah will stay at my parents house tonight and through her nap tomorrow, to give us a chance to get most of our stuff up-packed and set up, and they will bring her over. I'm way excited to see Hannah's face when she sees her new room and playroom all set-up with her stuff. She might have an adjustment period, but I just know she will love this house and all the room she is going to have!
So, not much more to say now, we are still just waiting... it's 12:05 now, let's see how long it takes to finally get our keys! I hope we have a smooth move and are not too exhausted at the end of this weekend!

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