Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Home

So apparently when you buy a brand new house you have something called a "New home orientation". It's basically an inspection, but we don't have to pay for it! We walk through the house with the guy and he tells us EVERYTHING about our home, writes down anything that needs to be fixed, we point out any scuffs or touch-ups we want fixed on the walls, make sure the appliances work, the toilets flush, windows open and close easily, faucets work, ect. It also gave me a chance to take lots of pictures of our new place!! For the most part the house was perfect, just a few things here and there that will be fixed by next Thursday, which is when we review the fixes and accept our house. Then Friday, December 18th, we should be closing on our house and getting the keys!! I'm really hoping we get keys early in the day, so I can move stuff we will be doing ourselves while Hannah's in school, and then Saturday morning the movers come to move everything else! We have moved ourselves way too many times in the past 6 years we totally deserve to hire movers to carry the heavy lifting... plus I'm sure all our friends that have so generously helped us in the past are thrilled they won't need to help this time! :) It'll be so nice on Saturday when all I have to focus on is putting stuff away and I won't be blown out from lifting boxes all day.

Here are just a few pictures from today:
Standing in the entrance looking upstairs, Hannah's playroom is to my left and our office/scrapbook room to the right.

Our beautiful kitchen, I'm so excited about filling up all our cabinets. There are way more than we have ever had or need right now!! I've also been wanting to cook lately, and cannot wait to use our new oven and stove!!

Standing in the hallway, looking into the great room and kitchen area.

Master bathroom shower and separate tub.

Master bath sink.
Only 8 more days until we move!!! These last few days are going to be so hard to wait patiently!

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