Monday, December 28, 2009

'Tis the Season!!

We had a wonderful Christmas in our new home! It started with Christmas Eve, we first went to Aunt Kay's and Uncle Mike's house to visit with Nick's family and open presents. Then we were off to my parent's house to visit my side of family. It was a crazy, late night and we finally made it home about 9 o'clock. Hannah helped choose cookies and set out apple slices for Santa and his reindeer, then we tucked her in to bed for a long winter's nap after reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas book. :) We hurredly got to work putting the presents under the tree and helping Santa out by putting her new bike and baseball toy under the tree. Finally it was our turn to crawl into bed. About 6:30 am Hannah called to us from her bed asking: "Did Santa feed his reindeer, cause if he didn't then I can feed them!" So, we got up and I went downstairs to get coffee going and lights on, then we let her come downstairs. She was so excited and was thrilled to see how much Santa brought her!

Here, she's seeing she got a brand new bike...
New baseball toy, she stepped right up to bat!
She got lots of puzzles, coloring things, hair stuff, remote control car, princess dolls, books... She instantly ripped into presents and knew exactly what to do!!

Totally excited to see that in fact Santa did feed his reindeer and enjoyed his cookies and milk.

Me and my girl during present opening :)

After opening presents we decided to go outside and test out the new wheels, with a little help she sped off!

Later in the morning grandma, grandpa, Aunt Cathy and great Grandma Joyce came over for a big brunch and more presesnts.
Happy about her princess book from grandma and grandpa!

Hannah with her grandma :)

In the afternoon, grandma and Nana came over to cook dinner, open more presents and play with all the new toys!
Hannah got a new doctor set and was being a great doctor to mommy

After a wonderful, long day we finally had a great dinner: prime rib, mashed potatoes, creamy broccoli dish, and rolls. It was so yummy!!
I'm so happy we were able to enjoy our Christmas in our first house this year. We spent the whole day at home and family came to us. It was really nice not having to take Hannah away from any of her toys and just enjoying our day together as a family! I look foward to many more holidays in this house and making many more memories!

This is just as Hannah came down the stairs and saw her new bike!

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