Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Princess Sparkle Teeth

Today Hannah had a dentist appointment for her regular cleaning and they did x-rays for the first time. She was a little nervous cause she didn't know what to expect, but she listened to directions well and got all situated. However, she started to get a really worried look on her face when the dental assistant and I walked out of the room to snap the picture- she must have thought "Hey, where the heck are you guys going?? Don't leave me here by myself!" They just took pictures of the top and bottom front teeth, and said they would try to get the back teeth when she was more comfortable. It was really cool being able to see her adult teeth below the baby ones and it's crazy to think that not too far in the future her baby teeth will fall out and she'll have big teeth!
I thought this cleaning was going to go really smooth since she's been to the dentist before and I have been talking to her about it all week, but as soon as she got on the table for her exam, she got pretty nervous. The dental assistant was wonderful, showing her all the tools, having her smell the toothpast and flavored gloves but it was not working on our girl! Even though nothing hurt she had tears streaming down her cheeks during the cleaning, but 5 minutes when it was all done, she was one happy camper. She was walking around the office talking to everyone, and she was quite the hit. She even walked up to the florist and showed off her pearly whites that had "Princess sparkles on them!" The front ofice ladies could not get enough of her, and kept getting other dental assistants to come see how cute she was! That's our girl!!

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