Monday, January 9, 2012

38 weeks...

And I'm definitely feeling every minute of it! Went to the dr last Friday and my bp was actually a little better so dr wasn't quite ready to make this boy come yet- I begged to differ but dr wants baby to try and come on his own time. Which I would much rather have happen to, but the last couple weeks are just so difficult, and uncomfortable!! I'm 2 cm dilated and he said baby's head is super low, he was able to scratch his head! So weird!! Hannah was pretty sad she couldn't touch the baby's head haha but how do I say "I'm sorry honey, but I don't want your hand in my vagina", it just didn't seem right to say that to a 5 year old! :) dr also seems to think I'll have an easy labor since baby is so low and ready to go, I sure hope he's right!!
So this weekend we have been in full on baby inducing mode! We went for skipolini's prego pizza on Friday and did lots of walking all weekend. On Saturday I had contractions on and off for about 6 hours but it just fizzled out when I went to sleep. :( so walking continues, I plan on walking Han to school this week, let's just hope it doesn't take all week to get him here. After I walk for a bit my pelvis is so sore I can barely move the rest of the day! My next appt isn't until Jan 16th, here's to hoping I don't have make it to that appt!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The last 6 weeks

Ugh I'm a terrible blogger, I just realized I haven't updated since I was taken out of work at 31 weeks! Not much has changed though, and obviously baby Jacob is still cooking, which is a GREAT thing! So on to the update...

34 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks (Hannah took this picture haha)

Right now I am 37.4 weeks and feel every bit of it! Through this whole pregnancy both Nick and I were just trying to survive it and get the baby here at a healthy time, we weren't able to enjoy it cause we were worried he was going to be born too early. Now that we are in the "safe zone" and past the holiday craziness Jacob can be born anytime and he is considered full term! Yay!! We feel like we've made it so far and now just cannot wait to meet the little guy! Nick says this is the time that I should be enjoying and of course over the last 2 weeks I've become increasingly uncomfortable! The baby dropped around 36 weeks and I can definitely feel the pressure and my pelvis feels like it's gonna break whenever I move, it's really lovely! :)I had an appointment right before baby dropped and I was not dilated at all but my cervix was "soft", so I'm very curious to see if I've dilated now, cause I sure feel like he may just come out at any moment! The Dr didn't check me at my last appointment and said he will this Friday. BP was still a concern over the last 6 weeks but not enough to have the baby be born, which is great news. It looks like I won't develop preeclampsia afterall since I haven't had protein in my urine, so my BP and fast heart rate are just because of pregnancy and it should go down after baby is here. It looks like the Dr will still induce before 40 weeks, at my last appointment he mentioned 39 weeks, because having an elevated BP just isn't healthy whether I develop preeclampsia or not. All I can say is we are all ready for baby to be here and if on Friday he wants to schedule an induction we would be thrilled!

Symptoms: Pressure down below and pelvis/hip pain, sciatic pain still, and the top of my stomach skin feels like it's on fire and nothing helps! I still get heart burn, pretty much daily, but I try not to take meds everyday. I get nauseous a lot lately and I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch my breath- which I think is due to my increased pulse rate since the baby is now so low so it wouldn't be because he's taking up lung room. I got stretch marks on my sides when I was pregnant with Hannah and this time I've goten some on my stomach :( They aren't super red or anything so I'm hoping it doesn't look too bad when I lose the weight. Sleep has been terrible, my dreams are so vivid I feel like I get a restless sleep because of it, but I guess I'm just preparing to survive on less sleep.

Weight gain: 35 lbs, Blah!! I was really not wanting to gain as much weight this time around but alas I'm almost to the weight I was when I delivered Hannah. I'm just hoping I lose it like I did after Hannah, I got down to my lowest weight ever about 6 months after Hannah was born, which was 118lbs, and I plan to get to that weight again. Maybe I'll even document my journey on this blog about shedding the lbs once Jcob arrives... so I'm going to have to lose about 50 lbs, OMG!!! I wish I could start now, but I guess I should enjoy the last couple days of food until I need to change my way of eating.

Best moments this week: I still love feeling baby move and watching my stomach get all contorted, and it's so sweet hearing Hannah talk to her brother. It was also great when the Dr said if we get close to my due date Jacob will probably be about 7 to 7.5lbs, we have been preparing ourselves for an early, tiny baby and now he will be average size- we can't wait to see how big he will actually be!! Not much longer...