Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Time and SOLD Sign!

Too much going on and not enough time! Thanksgiving was about a week ago and was so busy! Grandparents came into town and Hannah loved all the attention she was getting from everyone! Our first stop on Turkey day was Aunt Kay's, we snacked on yummy food and visited with fam for a few hours, then we were off to Mom's for another turkey dinner. More yummy food and goood visit time with family, and Turkey day was over! Since we had the grandparents in town, mom decided to host a tea party for the ladies (plus cousin Matt), which was wonderful! We drank our tea, ate tea sandwhiches, homemade cheese sticks, cookies, and scones. Hannah was even nice enough to let everyone borrow her tiara's and princess wands for the special event. But of course, no one looked as cute as Princess Hannah in her pink dress and tiara! Her plastic tea set was perfect for her to use that day- she drank her apple juice and snacked on the goods too! Unfortunately, the holiday weekend was over, and it was time for everyone to get back to the grind.
Of course, after Thanksgiving starts the Christmas season- which I love!! One afternoon, Hannah and I were bored so I decided what better time to decorate some cookies! Since we are in the middle of packing our house and most of the cooking stuff is in boxes, I cheated and bought already made sugar cookies and frosting. Hannah had so much fun, she decorated every single cookie, and her fingers in the process!
While at the store getting cookies, I thought it appropriate to get Hannah a Santa hat, she's been asking for one and since it's impossible to find a toddler size one I just bought her an adult hat from the grocery store. And of course she wore it during decorating cookie time!

Hard at work... she did so good at putting the frosting on, and then each cookie got every color of sprinkle and cookie decoration yummies we had!

Now on to the most exciting news of all...
After almost 2 years of looking and over a dozen offers, it's finally our time to buy our first house!! We could not be more excited or feel more lucky! Since Nick got his new job and is making a little more money, our house search was able to start once again. We have always wanted to live in Roseville again, we love the area, Hannah goes to preschool there and we want her in that school district when she starts elementary, and we are always driving out to Roseville for any kind of shopping, so we figured that's the area we have to buy a house in. In West Roseville, they are building a TON of new homes and even the schools are brand new, the high school hasn't even been built yet! We really liked the houses and area of West Park in Roseville, so that's where we decided to focus on. We chose to go with Lennar, all their homes came with all the updates that most other builders made the buyer pay for seperately. The specific house we chose is the Cascade model, it is 2 story, 2,175 square feet, 3 bedroom, 3 full bath, a den (which will be our office), and a flex room downstairs (Hannah's playroom). The house already has granite counter tops, cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, ceramic tile entry, kitchen, and bathroom floors, dark brown Mohawk carpeting everywhere else in the house, faux wood blinds, and the best thing that will save so much money-- solar power!! The specific lot we chose is so HUGE, it's on the corner and the backyard is at least twice the size of other yards in our neighborhood, there are actually only 4 lots that are the same size as ours. One thing I was worried about moving to this area was the yards are usually pretty small and we spend so much time out back, but we got lucky and bought the last lot of this size!! Hannah will love playing out there and I can't wait to host BBQ's all summer!! We will be closing on the house in less than 2 weeks, December 18th! We really wanted to spend our Christmas in our new house and it looks like that dream will be coming true! For awhile there, it seemed like it would never be our time to buy, everyone around us was getting into their own home and it just wasn't looking that way for us. But I'm so happy to say that our search is over and we found the perfect house for our family! We so look foward to Hannah growing up in this house and in this wonderful neighborhood!!!

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