Sunday, May 22, 2011

Since the cat's (pretty much) outa the bag

Well, since a lot of the people that we are closest too already know, I might as well share it with the blogger world. I'm not quite ready for all of the Internet world (ie: facebook) to know but those few people that read this blog- WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!

I love saying it, I love telling people, and I love feeling these pregnancy symptoms because it means I'm pregnant! I really didn't think it would happen so fast, and I've even questioned why are we so lucky that it happened already? There are so many people that try for years and never get to this point, but for some reason we are so blessed with this wonderful gift!

We found out last Sunday, after I finally got my amazing philly cheese steak sandwich I went up to our bathroom and peed on that wonderful stick! Nothing was showing up, and I didn't really expect it to because at that point I had only my IUD out for 31 days, so why I could pregnant already?? Well, wait about 10 minutes and the faintest line either of us had ever seen started to show up. I immediately started jumping up and down while Nick was still skeptical. I called Gina and sent her a picture of the results which she said clearly showed a positive, and John confirmed! :) Nick convinced me to take another test, which showed up even fainter, and that makes sense since I had just peed out all my HCG hormone. Anyways, as we are holding the tests up to the light trying to decipher if it's positive or not when Han comes walking in asking what we are doing. I had wanted to wait a little while to tell her because since it's so early something could happen, but it just seemed like the right moment to explain what those little sticks mommy and daddy were looking at meant... and this picture says it all:

She was thrilled to be expecting a brother or a sister sometime in the far away future :) We explained it would be a VERY long time but it looked pretty good to say a baby would be on its way!

Of course I couldn't keep the secret when I went to work the next day and everyone was so excited for me! It's going to be nice since my friend Serina at work is also pregnant and she's only a month ahead of me, it'll be fun going through this with someone right there at the same point as me! Well, Nick wasn't ready to tell people yet since the test was so faint, but come Tuesday night I brought home a digital test, (and I was so nervous to take it since it would clearly say yes or no and I was afraid I had imagined the other lines and it would say negative), but before dinner I take that test and within 3 minutes the most beautiful words I had ever seen appeared YES! Once we got that more concrete answer Nick couldn't wait to call his parents, convinced me I couldn't wait to see mine in person and I had to call my parents, and he texted his close friends to let them in on the great news!

I just still can't believe it's really happening, but here I am 5 weeks along today! It's still super early on, and I just pray that everything goes smoothly. I keep thinking my period will appear one of these days when I go to the bathroom but I get reassured when I realize I have all the classic symptoms I should of a pregnant person and Aunt Flow doesn't show up. I have a dr appointment with my PCP on Wednesday May 25th and at that point they will do a urine test to prove I'm pregnant and then refer me to my OBGYN of choice, Dr Cueto. I've never met him myself but I have heard wonderful things about him so I'm excited for my first visit, I just hope they don't make me wait to long for the first ultrasound because I need to be reassured everything is where it should be and the heart is beating strong and healthy!

I plan on using this same blog for my pregnancy and baby journal through this journey as well our usual family updates. I'll be tyring to update as often as possible, we'll see how well that actually pans out but here I go!

At 5 weeks: Baby went from size of a poppy seed to now an appleseed!

Symptoms: sore boobs (like horribly sore, like Hubby better not even look at them wrong or they will hurt), extremly exhausted, hungry, and if I don't eat as soon as I get hungry it turns to nausea, bad skin breakouts, and waking up super congested every morning (this happened with Han, not sure if it's normal but it must be for when I'm pregnant).

Weight: I started at 136lbs, I would have rather started out about 10 lbs lighter but who is EVER happy with their weight?! Last time I gained about 50lbs, so I'm shooting for gaining less weight this time! :)

Mood/Feelings: Since finding out I'm really pregnant I've tried to get my moody-ness in check! I've been elated with the news and seriously can't stop smiling! I did have 1 good cry already, something on Desperate Housewives made me start to cry and that just started the flood gates! I was crying and laughing at myself the whole time, and my hubby was cheering me on to get all the blubbering out and it felt good! I think there ahs been so many emotions going on I just needed a good cry to start this pregnancy off right!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just wanted to let everyone know, I got my philly cheese steak and it was damn good!!!
So I'd say it was definitely worth being a crazy psycho over... yeah, definitely worth it!

I Am Moody

Well, this pic was supposed to be at the bottom but I hate blogger and it hates me so it put it at the top... but look at my sweet Princess and her new hair cut that she begged me for!! I wanted to keep her hair long forever but she had other plans, begging for a couple weeks to get those locks chopped off, and she looks adorable! How I love her so much!!!

Just ask my hubby, I am absolutely moody! Now this could be one of two things.... I am either about to get a visit from Aunt flow or I'm growing a teeny tiny baby and that is already making me a crazy person.

Now to be fair to myself, I am NEVER like this, but for the last week I just cannot help it. I haven't had a real period in about 2 years since I have had the IUD, but I would think I would still have "that time of the month" and all the emotions that go with it?? But I have not acted this crazy, like ever.

How "crazy" you ask?? Well, the other day I got pissed at Nick, and for very GOOD reason... he burnt my grilled cheese sandwich. Yup, can you believe the bastard forgot to flip it so it was nice and black on one side and then the griddle was too hot to make another right after, so I sulked... over a grilled cheese sandwich. What has become of me? Poor guy felt so bad and offered to make me another, or something else entirely, even offered to go get something, but I was having none of it. I sulked and kept saying "I ask you to do ONE thing!!!!" The next day I found it utterly hilarious, told everyone at work who also thought it was hilarious, and then apologized to the hubs via e-mail that day at work, and my wonderful husband responded with "I'm sorry too babe, I felt so bad for burning your grilled cheese." Really?? What husband responds so nicely to a crazy ass wife! And that is why I married the guy, he is seriously THE best!!

Then today, he wants to go buy a new office chair for work, reasonable enough. However, he wants to drive it ALL the way to work, TODAY! Even though he will be going there tomorrow morning, he wanted to do it today. It's 10:30 am, we aren't doing anything, it's raining outside and I had already told him that I just want to sit on the couch all day so he figured it wouldn't be a problem. Well, try telling that to me. I was seriously irritated and the real reason I'm irritated?? I want a philly cheese steak sandwich and I DO NOT want to wait an hour and half I would have to if he took his new chair all the way downtown to his office! Reasonable? I think not, but it makes sense to me. (Mind you, it is only 10:30 am and I'm already thinking I NEED that sandwich right about now!)

So, to conclude, if I am NOT pregnant there is absolutely NO excuse for this behavior but if I am- welcome to the journey, babe!! :) It can only get better from here... now WHERE is my philly cheese steak sandwich??? (And, no I haven't eaten one for like 5 years, but for some reason I MUST have one today!) Am I giving in to my not quite yet pregnant cravings already? Ugh I sure hope not...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!

I am SO lucky that I get to celebrate Mother's Day because of this sweet girl, Hannah Grace! She has brought so much happiness, laughter, and wonderful times to my life I couldn't imagine it without her! I love that I see myself in her so often- usually when she is performing a dance, gymnastics routine, or singing a tune for us! I love that she is such a sweet and considerate little person. She loves everyone and wants people around her to be happy. I love that she has such a big, happy smile. I love she has such a BIG personality and just wants to share it with the world. I love her zest for life! I just LOVE this girl so much and hope other mom's out there feel just as lucky as I do!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sometimes, life just isn't fair

This past week my grandma Sally passed away. It happened so suddenly no one had to time to really accept what was happening. Within a week of finding out she had lymphoma she passed away. I can only hope it was peaceful and the doctor's kept her comfortable.
It just really is not fair that this happened. Not fair that I have to now explain to my sweet 4 year old that we won't be able to see grammy anymore. Not fair that Hannah has to question "What if I got that kind of sick and doctor's couldn't fix me?" Just plain not fair that all the people that loved Sally so much won't be able to enjoy her company anymore.

The family is going to Montana this weekend to celebrate her life, me and my little family will be there in spirit and keep her memory alive. This weekend we will be spending our time together, enjoying eachother, and talking about all the things that make us happy when we think about Grammy.