Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Let's back up a few days... on Wednesday before we got our keys, we signed our papers. Nick was totally exasperated when I whipped out the camera and asked the title agent to take our picture, but I figured we only buy our first house ONCE and how am I supposed to scrapbook without any pictures?? So this is us about to sign the title to the house...
Nick uses great form when signing...
My form isn't too bad either! :)
Now fast foward to Friday. After blogging and waiting awhile longer, about 1 pm we couldn't wait any longer, so Nick called Lennar sales office and asked when our keys would be ready. Want to know their response???? They said: "Oh, they have been here since 10 am, I thought you were just going to come in when you were ready." Are you freaking kidding me??!! Nick was mowing the lawn and I was blogging out of shear boredom just waiting for that phone call and we could have gotten them 3 hours before?!! Oh well, I guess there's no need to freak out, cause we did eventually get our keys and were able to get a head start on getting our stuff in the new place!

In front of our house with our keys!!

Unlocking the door by ourselves for the first time!!!
After getting a few things we already planned on taking to the house ourselves, I got Hannah from school and brought her to my parents house. They watched her overnight since we were moving Friday night and could not have done it smothly with Hannah running around. By the time I got back to the old house around 4 pm, the movers were already there and gettin their move on!

We used Dimension Moving Company and I would completely reccommend them- they moved all of our belongings out of the old house and into our new house in 3.5 hours! They worked super fast and efficiently and didn't ruin any of our stuff! This was the best moving experience I have ever had, I felt kind of useless, but in a good way!
Once we got to our new place and the movers got some boxes in the house, we got straight to work. Our friends, Andy and Nicole, came over bearing gifts of pizza and soda~ which was wonderful because I hadn't even thought about dinner at that point, but once I saw that greasy slice of goodness I was stoked they were so thoughtful. I did feel bad that the movers were still working while we were chowing down, but I couldn't help myself! So, after getting some grub in the tum, I worked on getting the kitchen put away while Andy and Nick worked on hooking up our t.v.'s. The movers were finished by 7:30, Nick went back to the old house to vaccuum and get any straggling items. When he got back, he moved boxes to appriopriate the rooms and at that point I realized I only had 1 kitchen box left to unpack!! I couldn't believe how quickly even the unpacking was going. So, I finished that box,worked on a few other boxes, and did some laundry so we could have some clean, snuggly sheets to sleep on. By the time the laundry was done, it was 1 am, and we were pretty exhausted so we called it a night. We woke up early on Saturday and got to working. Nick mostly worked on electronic stuff and putting out new desk together, while I focused on putting Hannah's room and playroom together. I at least wanted to get her stuff as normal as possible for when she came home, so it would be an easy transition. Gina came that morning to also help get things done~ she even was the first person to vaccuum our house, she's such a great friend!! Nick's mom came by with lunch on Saturday, Kari and Dylan came over to check out the house, and then it was finally time for Hannah to come see her new house! My parents brought her over after nap and I couldn't wait to see her little face as she saw all her stuff.

Here she is trying to open the front door by herself! (She only needed a little help)
She ran all around the house and could hardly contain herself. She kept wanting to go up and down the stairs between her room and playroom~ it's like she couldn't decide what she wanted to do first! We had a great first night in the house as a family, and putting Hannah to bed wasn't too bad. She had a little issue at first, I think that was just because she was upstairs while we were still downstairs, but now she's used to it, and goes to nap and bed like normal (which isn't always the easiest task, I guess that's because she's 3?) On Sunday I finally went grocery shopping and tried to fill our huge pantry, I had an overflowing cart of food at the store but after putting it away at home, our pantry wasn't even half full! So Sunday night we had our first family dinner in the house and I was able to use our brand new oven!! I made enchiladas and I think they tasted better just because we were in our own house!

Sitting down for our first dinner at home

Our next task is buying furniture to fill our house and work on the backyard.
These are the chairs we ordered to go in the playroom so we don't have to sit on the floor when the kiddos are playing:
Our patio is getting started this week, weather permitting, and I can't wait! This way we can go in the backyard and at least play on the patio for now before we get our grass; it's going to be pretty big so we will have room for our patio furniture, bbq, plus room for Han to ride her bike around. Sometime early Spring we will do grass, I want to create some kind of scrapbook area in the office, and eventually we need to get a futon/bed for the extra room upstairs. For now we are getting setteled in our house and totally loving every minute of it!

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