Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Months Old

Here we are, another month has passed! It’s just crazy that Jacob has been here with us, as an outside baby, for 3 whole months! He continues to be such a joy to us. He’s such a happy, content baby. Now that we’ve figured out that he’s lactose intolerant and since the formula change that happened last month, he’s the happy baby we always knew he should be. He no longer grunts and kicks his legs from gassy pain. Now after feedings he’s ready to talk, smile, and play with his toys. He’s growing way too fast and I want him to slow down just a bit, although I am very proud at how advanced he is Smile. The night before he turned 3 months old he learned to roll from his back to tummy! He’s been working on this for the last 3 weeks or so. Of course we all missed it the first time he did it, we were eating dinner while he was playing on his play mat and all of a sudden we look over and he’s on his tummy! He got scared and starting crying since we all screamed how excited we were haha but since then he’s rolled over twice and I’ve been able to see it! I just can’t believe he’s 3 months old and already able to roll both ways, he’ll be crawling before we know it! Please, Jacob, slow down!! No need to grow up so fast! Now onto the stats and pictures….

Height, Weight, and Dome-piece Circumference:

24.75 inches long 96 % (Will update after 4 month check but I know this is wrong, I re-measured him at home and he was just barely 24 inches which is still long but not quite what we thought)

13 lbs (at my work with clothes) 

40 cm head circ 49 % (Again, will update after check-up next month)


Clothes and Diaper sizes:

Once again I’m packing up clothes to be put away in a bin. How can he be growing at this alarming rate?! He mostly still fits in 0-3 month stuff, his pants especially can’t be any bigger, but for the summer I bought him 3-6 month shirts and he can wear them now and he’s not totally swimming in them. As for sleepers he’s strictly in 3-6 months, there’s no way his long legs can scrunch into a smaller size.

Size 1 diapers still, although I’ve thought about putting him in size 2 overnights since he’s sleeping better at night and don’t want a wet bed to be waking him up.   


He eats 5 oz per feeding and eats every 3-4 hours during the day, and before he goes down for his naps he’ll snack on 2 oz. At night he’s usually only up 1 time to eat, although the other night he just couldn’t get enough of us and was up twice.


Jacob’s sleeping has gotten so great! This month we made the decision to put him in his crib for all sleeping times and it has gone so smooth! Before he came along I swore I would never put a baby in their own room until they are 6 months old, that worked for Hannah and they say it also decreases risk for SIDS when they sleep in the same room as their parents. Well, never say never, because baby boy at 2.5 months was put in his crib in his own room for good! We decided to make the switch so young because he was no longer sleeping good in his swing, he was tossing his head and grunting so uncomfortable all night and he’s never been that great about sleeping in the pack n play so we figured we should try him out in his crib one night and baby boy was sound asleep all night long! Finally something that seemed to work. What made it even better? We got a glider chair and mobile with ocean sounds. Before every nap and before bedtime we turn on the mobile, rock him while feeding him and put him down drowsy but never really sound asleep and he puts himself fully to sleep once he’s in his crib. It was like all along all he wanted was for us to put him down and leave him alone. When he was sleeping in our room, he was going to bed later and later, it was getting to the point where we couldn’t go to sleep until 11:30pm and then he was waking up at least once to eat and then he could never get back to sleep very easily. Now, baby boy is going to bed around 8 pm!! He gets his bath around 7-7:30 pm and then off to dreamland after his bottle. He’s still up once to eat and he doesn’t go right back to sleep afterwards, but when he’s laying awake in his crib after the mid-night feeding he’s just chewing his hands and jabbering, no more grunts or angry baby. We never thought it would be so easy to make this transition. And the little secret that makes the transition easier on this momma?? Video monitor. I would never have been able to do this without that baby. Anytime I want to check to make sure he’s breathing, I can just take a gander at the screen. Love it! 

Milestones, Fun Stuff, and Factoids about our Boy:

*When laying on his play mat he’ll scoot his body around and will be in a completely different spot than where I left him.

*Able to roll both ways- back to tummy and tummy to back! Which means he’ll be mobile very soon… 

*Smiles all the time and starting to laugh, usually at night after his bath.

*Coo's and talks all the time

*Drooling, chewing on hands even more 

*Loves his bath and will calm down instantly as soon as he sinks into the warm water

*Can sit in his bumbo a lot better this month, but when he’s done he’ll stretch out his body and almost knock himself backwards so we’ve got to watch him closely.

*Almost old enough for his jumperoo, he likes to sit in it and grab at the toys but can’t jump yet.

*Is getting really good at grabbing at what toys he wants that hang from his play mat and he tries to put them in his mouth.



Friday, April 13, 2012

Weigh-in update

I'm sure all of 2 people that actually read this are waiting with bated breath as to where I'm at with this whole prego weight loss journey. I'm happy to report things are moving right along! I'm officially completely out of my maternity garb and can fit in a lot of my pre- preg jeans and all my shirts. There are still a lot of pants that can't make the journey over my hips but that will come in due time. I've been sticking to my running and eating good and it's been paying off... Only 2 lbs away from the weight I started at!! Now I'd like to lose an additional 10 lbs after that but I'm working on 1 goal at a time here. In my last post about weight I wanted to be in my regular clothes by the time Jacob was 2.5 months old and I actually did better than that and have been in my clothes since before he turned 2 months and they just continue to fit and feel better each day! So I'm trying to not be so hard on myself and be proud of what I've accomplished so far.

In other milestone news, it's crazy to think that in a mere 2 days will mark 1 year since I was headed to the dr to get my iud removed so we can try for baby #2. This last year has had ups and downs and a lot of uncertainty as to whether we would make it to deliver a healthy boy. I feel so blessed that as I'm typing this our little miracle baby is talking to me and giving me big 'ol smiles. I can't fathom that at some points in the very beginning we weren't sure he was even going to make it. How is that possible?! He's so amazing and full of life, growing and developing so much every day! I'm excited to see what the future brings for out sweet little guy, we just love him to pieces and feel so blessed he's all ours.