Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Silly Little Girl

Hannah has become so dang silly lately! Which comes in handy for her when she's acting like a little turd because it makes us laugh and it's too difficult to punish her when she's too cute! Some funny things she says and does:

*At random times she'll say: "Oh mommy, come on! Are you kiddin?"
*She talks with her hands ALL the time... I guess she learned that from me??
*She loves to pretend to be the mommy and then she calls me, and even daddy, girl: "Come on girl, let's put the clothes in the washer", "Girl, you need to get in your carseat and I'm gonna drive us", "Girl, you need to hold my hand, we are in the grocery store"... ect. for any situation we are in at the moment.
*At bedtime she likes to play the "Hannah Game", I know this is stalling a technique, but she's so serious it's cute. She makes me or daddy get in her bed and lay down, she gives us a drink of water, a book, and bunny to snuggle with, then walks out of the room saying "Good-night".
*Another bedtime stalling technique- while in bed she'll put a small book inside a bigger book and yell to the living room that she has a present for Daddy... for some reason the present is never for mommy, which is fine because then I don't have to get up! :)
*She always tells us that she loves us the best! Which is just really sweet. She's such a loving kid and wants to be everyone's best friend.

*She seems to think her parents are artists. Even though she has a billion coloring books she constantly asks us to draw pictures that she can color in, and then gets mad if we color any part of it in.

*She has the goofiest faces and is always pretending something- and if you're around her when she's pretending you better play along, or she'll get upset!

*She's starting to tell funny stories, the other day she said we had to turn down a certain street to see where the dragons live, and that elephants live in the jungle.

*Lastly, we are learning she is always listening to us. In the car one day Nick was telling me a story when she chimes in- Nick: "There were a whole gaggle of hookers dowtown the other day" Hannah: "No, daddy, gaggles are what you wear when you go swimming!" Oops, better watch what we say at all times!!

We love our goofy, wacky girl so much! She keeps us laughing and exasperated at all times!! We couldn't imagine our life without our little love bug, Hannah Grace!!

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