Sunday, October 16, 2011

26 weeks and slacking big time

Ok this picture was supposed to be at the bottom of the post, whatever. This was Hannah's birthday, we went and played mini golf and had so much fun! Just shy of 26 weeks...

23 Weeks

25 weeks

Weight gain: As of 26 weeks (which I am today) it's 21 lbs. So, in the next 14 weeks if I gain a pound a week it'll be total gain of 35 lbs, which I guess is still within "normal" weight gain for a pregnancy. All I can say is I cannot wait to lose this weight and get skinnier than ever after baby comes out all chunky and happy! I am eating ice cream and cheeseburgers for the baby of course!! It's not for me.... I promise.

Symptoms: For the most part I'm feeling pretty good. I'm tired and my sciatic pain is killer on most days, but I'm working full time and then take care of a crazy 5 year old so what can I expect?! The hubs is AMAZING and I could not do all this without him, when he hears my groans of pain he tells me to relax and helps out in every way possible! Even down to transferring laundry from washer to dryer he offers to do it so I don't have to bend down. He's pretty much a stud and I am so lucky to have him by my side and as the father of my children! (And BTW, children? As in plural, 2 kids, so crazy...) So, my complaints are exhaustion and back pain, other than that life is good.

Food and cravings: I love food and am not too picky these days. Just don't get in my way when I'm hungry, or you might lose a finger... it's true, my hubs got his hand out of the way just in time a few times or he would be down to 8 or 9 digits.... true story. :)

Fun stuff: Feeling the baby rolling and moving all the time. He is so crazy and moves a lot, which I love!! When he cooperates other people are able to feel him too, but of course as soon as someone places there hand on my belly he decides it's time for a snooze. Thebest thing was when Hannah saw my belly move all crazy for the first time, her face lit up and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. She always talks to her brother and is so excited to meet him. And I am loving seeing the relationship form between the siblings already, so sweet.