Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 Months Old

How is my sweet baby boy 6 months old?! Half a year has gone by since he entered our lives (as an outside baby, he’s been apart of our lives much longer though) and I just cannot believe it! I will be planning his first birthday soon- this does not seem real. But on the other hand, he seems like he’s always been apart of our lives SmileIt’s crazy town to think where we were 1 year ago- we weren’t sure that we would be in this place, with our happy, healthy ‘outside’ baby in our arms, and we are so grateful that this is where we ended up. We couldn’t imagine life without our little man!

Jacob is always smiling, always happy, and just loves everyone! Even when he’s sick or doesn’t feel great, he’ll give a big ‘ol smile! Today, on his 6 month birthday no less, I had to leave work early to pick him up cause poor boy had a fever of 102* and as I walked in his pink cheeks lit up and he gave me the sweetest smile! I could just make him smile all day long. We just love this boy to pieces and are so blessed he’s a part of our family.

Height, Weight, and Dome-piece Circumference:

25.5 inches long, 56%  (Stats from 4 month check, which was in June, his 6 month check isn’t until beginning of August)

15 lbs 10 oz (at the beginning of July) 

42 centimeters, 38% (from 4 month check) 

Clothes and Diaper sizes:

He can still wear 0-3 month size onsies and pants, but we are slowly changing everything to 3-6 month size, which seem to fit just fine with room to grow. The pants are a little big in the waist but fit great in length. Sleepers are 6-9 months.

Size 2 diapers.  


He eats 6 oz every 3 hours during the day. Most nights not eating and actually sleeping all the way through! We’ve really amped up the solids this month and he eats 2-3 cubes with a little oatmeal mixed in (I made my own baby food and froze them in ice cube trays) every night and loves it! He hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like yet. I was worried when we started since he gagged on everything but now he takes it all with an open mouth. His favorites seem to be avocado with bananas or sweet potatoes with apples. 


Pretty much the same as last month, but the last 1/2 of the month he’s slept totally through the night… (knock on wood!!) We put him to bed between 7-7:30 pm and he usually sleeps all night until 6:30 am or so. Sometimes he’ll wake up in the 5 o’clock hour and chat to himself for 20 minutes or so and then go back to sleep until we wake him at 6:40 to get ready for daycare. However, he does have bad nights and when he does he usually has a couple in a row where he wants to eat twice per night. Which doesn’t sound bad, but when you’re used to sleeping through the night for a good streak then all of a sudden he wakes up multiple times per night, its hard. As for naps, he sleeps every 2 hours for 1-3 hours per nap. 

Milestones, Fun Stuff, and Factoids about our Boy:

*Proved to be an awesome traveler! We drove to Oregon to visit family at Great Grandpa’s house and we heard not much more than a peep from him the whole time. We were so proud! 

*Although he sat unassisted by himself at 5 months, he’s still working on perfecting it and a lot of times will fall backwards. 

*Last month he was rolling everywhere but this month he’s rolling as a mode of transportation, he sees something he wants and off he rolls to get it!

*SUPER grabby, constantly reaching for anything that could possible be within arms length.

*Has said mama a couple times after I’ve said it to him!! This was so exciting for me and I’m constantly asking him to say mama now! Smile

*Finds his binky in his crib at night and puts it in his mouth, then will go back to sleep on his own.

*Ate new foods this month- sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, carrots, pears and green beans and loved them all.  

*Still loves daycare and the teachers that watch him all day. The teachers seem to be really bonding with him too, which is wonderful to see!

*Got his first ear infection this month and had to be on antibiotics Sad smile but never complained about his ears, we took him in to the Dr cause he had congestion that wouldn’t go away and he ended up with an infection. He really is an angel baby.

*I swear he waved bye-bye for the first time today! Leaving daycare the teacher was waving to him and he picked his arm up off my shoulder and went up and down with it. Not sure if it was on purpose but it sure looked like it! Big Boy!!

  Now onto our monthly photo shoot… I’m surprised I got any good pictures considering baby boy was at daycare half the day and came home with a fever, but he sill had a few smiles for his mama Smile