Hannah Birth 1

Yeah, yeah, yeah Hannah is 4 1/2 years old and I'm just no getting to her birth story?? Well, in my defense I started this blog not too long ago and so I didn't really have a place to actually write down the story of when our lives changed for the better almost 5 years ago. So, here I go, as best I can to recall the memories of those "fabulous" 32.5 hours of labor we endured so many years ago.

I'm going to start off by saying how the heck can my sweet baby girl already be 4 1/2 years old and getting ready to leave the nest... I mean go to kindergarten??! Time flies way too fast...moving on.

Hannah's due date was October 3, 2006 and I never thought that I'd have her 11 days past her due date. In fact I thought, hey how cool would that be if our sweet angel was born on October 1st, which just happens to be her great grandma's birthday and Uncle Aaron's birthday, well baby had other plans and wanted her very own day! So, 1 week past her due date I had the non-stress test and they determined, Han was still safe and cozy inside me. Ok fine. I remember waking up every morning past my due date thinking, dang it I didn't go into labor last night! Because of course people ONLY go into labor in the middle of the night when they are sleeping peacefully, right? :) We had doc appoitnments every SINGLE day the last week and I was begging doc to induce, induce, induce! Little did I know what that actualy meant and how LONG it would take. Anyways, on Thursday October 12 we had our last Dr appointment in the morning and he said to wait until after 1pm and call L&D to see if they had a room available so we could start the induction. Well since I am so dang impatient I was calling around 11am and the nurses were telling me "lady, please wait until when your doc said to call". ugh! In the meantime we killed time by going out to lunch at Red Robin with Andy and Nicole. 1 o'clock finally rolled around, we called L&D and they said to come on in around 5 o'clock. I can't even remember what we did those last 4 hours of freedom but as soon as 4:30 hit we made our way to the hospital to meet our baby girl.
I must look so happy because I have my epidural... oh look- my barf bag! Oh how I came so close with that little blue bag...