Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shhhhhhh It's a Secret!

"Walter, party of 3?" "Walter, party of 3??" YES, we are here!!! Have you missed us the last 2 months?! We have been super busy with work, painting the house and blah, blah, blah! Enough of the excuses, how's about we pretend like we haven't been MIA for 2 months and just start of with where we are now, mmmmkay? Sounds good!

Oh my precious girl! SO dang cute, just had to include this pic of her beautiful self!

As I was saying, house is pretty much done getting painted! Whoo, it's not to exciting since it's mostly just tan but exciting to me cause I was sick and tired and the plain 'ol white walls. I'll be adding curtains and maybe a piece of art here and there to add some color. All we have left to paint is the office, play room and baby room...

What's that you say? Baby room? Yeah that's supposed to be a big secret but don't ever tell me a secret because it won't stay that way for long.

We aren't pregnant yet but we are actively trying. Which means I am cornering the hubs at any chance I get and then have to hear from him that he is "not a machine"! :) Which I explain that yes, in fact you are a machine! ha Totally joking... sort of... How I love my man!

Anyways, it started about a year ago, the discussion of baby number 2. For quite some time we were both in agreement that we loved our family of 3 and would want to keep it that way until I wanted to throw a wrench in our little agreement! :) I have always wanted more children but raisin' kids ain't easy and I wasn't so sure I actually wanted to try for another, until Hannah started growing up and I realized how AMAZING this whole experience is and how in the heck could we NEVER do this again?! So, we began the "discussion" and came to the conclusion after LOTS of conversation that after I was set in my new job and had been working for about 6 months we would start trying.

Well, it has been 6 months since I've been an MA with Sutter and here we are begining the journey of trying for another bambino! As I said earlier, we had decided we were going to keep this on the down low and not tell anyone... well let's move forward a full entire year of waiting and thinking about a baby and I CANNOT KEEP MY DAMN MOUTH SHUT!!! I am seriously just too excited about this time in our lives and I want to shout it from the rooftops, not that there is anything to shout quite yet but even just starting to try gets me all fired up! I've only had my IUD out for 2 weeks and this could quite possibly be a long journey but seeing as how I was pregnant with Hannah within 2 weeks of stopping birth control it will hopefully not be too long a journey! Although actually trying for the baby and being "suprised" by a baby makes the whole process different, I'm sure!

So as much as I wanted to keep quiet and not say anything until there is actual news to share I wanted to document the whole process since I didn't do that with Hannah and plus it's not like too many people actually read this blog so it's more of a journal for me anyways! :) Stay tuned... here's to hoping I: 1. post more than once every 2 months and 2. have VERY fun news soon!