Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 Months Old

How is my sweet Jacob Ryan already 2 months old?! It just doesn’t make sense, time is flying WAY too fast! I’m not ready for him to grow up so quickly… although I am ready for him to start sleeping through the night! Smile

He had his 2 month check-up yesterday and he got a clean bill of health! Dr said he looks great, we are doing everything right, and he is, of course, advanced. As I was telling the Dr that he has already flipped from tummy to back all by himself she said that was not normal to be doing it this early and then he started scooting himself up the exam table- which she also pointed out was quite advanced for his little age! Go Jacob! But please, slow down! You’re just like your daddy, wanting to grow-up to fast. I also mentioned to the Doc that Jacob’s grunting keeps the neighborhood awake and his farts can rival that of a grown man’s so she thought he could be lactose intolerant. Say what?! This whole time we thought his reflux must be acting up but turns out he may not be able to handle the lactose that’s in his formula. So we are trying him on Similac lactose free formula hoping it’ll make him more comfortable and not so gassy/grunt-y. He doesn’t seem to gulp this formula down as hungrily as he usually does but we are already noticing WAY less gas, so he better get used to it and start likin’ it cause lactose free his diet will be if it makes him a happier, more comfortable baby. 

Jacob’s personality is really starting to come through more and more each day. He loves to smile now and he talks all the time, which is the sweetest sound. He’s starting to notice his toys and when he’s under his play mat he’ll bat at them on purpose, so cute!  We just love this little guy to pieces and can’t imagine our family without him, he just fits in perfectly. Even Hannah doesn’t want to give him back! Now on to the stats…..

Height, Weight, and Dome-piece Circumference:

24.75 inches long 96 %

10 lbs 13 oz 28%

40 cm head circ 49 %

So we’ve got ourselves a tall, skinny boy. And yes we’ve already got NBA dreams swirling in our heads and he’ll be making us the big bucks before we know it!

Clothes and Diaper sizes:

I have finally packed away all his newborn stuff. He hasn't been wearing newborn clothes since about 6 weeks old but I couldn't bring myself to take them out of his drawers. He could probably squeeze into some newborn onsies but he's prob more comfortable if we don't cram his little body into clothes :) He fits comfortably into 0-3 month stuff, but swims in a lot of the pants.

Size 1 for dipes. 


He eats 4-5 oz per feeding and eats every 3-4 hours during the day, then in the evenings he cluster feeds and about every 1-2 hours he'll eat 2-3 oz from 5:00-10:00 pm, then he “sleeps” for the night. He is still up 1-2 times per night to eat but has been better about going right back to sleep after his feedings.


We are trying to get him on some sort of schedule. During the day he seems pretty consistent with being awake for 2 hours then asleep for 1-3 hours before being awake again. The length of time he sleeps really depends on what or where he is sleeping. He sleeps best in his swings or car seat and sleeping in his crib or pack n play doesn't last quite as long. At night we give him a bath around 8 pm, then feed him and try to put him down for the night around 9 pm in his swing that is upstairs in our room (since the prince doesn’t like to sleep anywhere that isn't a swing or more upright than his pack n play wedge). He then wakes sometime between 1:00-3:00 am for a feeding, back to sleep in the swing and then up between 6:00-7:00 am for feeding and usually awake for the morning. 

Milestones, Fun Stuff, and Factoids about our Boy:

*Holding his head up really well, great during tummy time, and picks his head up from a laying position when we pull him up with his hands.

*Rolled over from tummy to back 3/22/12

*Smiles all the time and almost laughing.

*Coo's and talks all the time

*Drooling, chewing on hands and binkie

*Loves his bath and will calm down instantly as soon as he sinks into the warm water



Of course I’ve gotta end with the crying “I’m over getting my picture taken” pose

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