Friday, April 13, 2012

Weigh-in update

I'm sure all of 2 people that actually read this are waiting with bated breath as to where I'm at with this whole prego weight loss journey. I'm happy to report things are moving right along! I'm officially completely out of my maternity garb and can fit in a lot of my pre- preg jeans and all my shirts. There are still a lot of pants that can't make the journey over my hips but that will come in due time. I've been sticking to my running and eating good and it's been paying off... Only 2 lbs away from the weight I started at!! Now I'd like to lose an additional 10 lbs after that but I'm working on 1 goal at a time here. In my last post about weight I wanted to be in my regular clothes by the time Jacob was 2.5 months old and I actually did better than that and have been in my clothes since before he turned 2 months and they just continue to fit and feel better each day! So I'm trying to not be so hard on myself and be proud of what I've accomplished so far.

In other milestone news, it's crazy to think that in a mere 2 days will mark 1 year since I was headed to the dr to get my iud removed so we can try for baby #2. This last year has had ups and downs and a lot of uncertainty as to whether we would make it to deliver a healthy boy. I feel so blessed that as I'm typing this our little miracle baby is talking to me and giving me big 'ol smiles. I can't fathom that at some points in the very beginning we weren't sure he was even going to make it. How is that possible?! He's so amazing and full of life, growing and developing so much every day! I'm excited to see what the future brings for out sweet little guy, we just love him to pieces and feel so blessed he's all ours.

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  1. Good job Shelby! I hope you'll have some tips for me... I'm in a wedding not even a month after our little guy is due = )