Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yeah, I have NONE of that. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Sleep deprivation after 6 weeks is finally catching up with me. I’m exhausted and have very little motivation for anything more than sitting on the couch. My poor 5 year old should really learn to fen for herself. Not really, but it would be nice if she could reach the milk and cereal so she could make herself some breakfast. This infant of ours has got to learn how to sleep at night sometime very soon, or I will quite literally be catatonic here before you know it. I’m really surprised I don’t have caffeine on an IV drip… that sounds like it could do wonders for my day, but alas, insurance won’t pay for it. So, nothing exciting or interesting to write about besides my woes of not getting any shut-eye means you get a photo dump of my sweet darlings that are the reason I’m in such a state. Enjoy!


Hannah’s weekend with the kindergarten mascot, Duck.


First tummy time adventure. He was trying to roll over instantly, I think we have another advanced child on our hands.





Tummy time getting better… er, maybe not


Valentine’s Day.

Love her posing face hahaha


Everyone’s first time in the bumbo.



Participating in family game night


Crazy hair day at school


Loves his bath time. Calms him right down if he’s fussy.



As you can see, Jacob’s day consists of a rotation of: being held, swing, sitting in boppy, laying under playmat, rinse and repeat all the live long day.

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