Thursday, March 22, 2012



This little boy is quite the over achiever. As you can see in the sequence of pictures above he is completely rolling from tummy to back on his own. There was no help or nudge from anyone. Promise. And this is not the first time he’s done it. Starting from his first tummy time at days old he was hiking his legs underneath his tummy trying to get on his back. “He can’t possibly be trying to roll over yet” is what I thought, even though he was doing that every single time we put him on his tummy.  Then he kind of gave up on rolling for awhile until last week, as soon as I put him on his stomach he pushed off with his arms and went over to his back. “Must have been a fluke or I just set him up on his arms just right” I think. Until today, not yet 2 months old, I put him on his tummy, he gets his knees up underneath himself, pushes off with 1 arm, then kicks his leg over to finish the roll and tah-dah! He’s on his back. I know he’s doing it on purpose and I just can’t believe it!

We keep joking that he’s doing things far beyond his age should allow and that he’ll be walking by next week. At this point nothing surprises us with this boy. At 3 weeks old he was eating 5oz per feeding while the pedi is telling us he can’t eat that much, that’s way too much for a 3 week old. Well, he is eating that much, sorry! And no I’m not going to try to just give my demanding infant the 3oz you think is enough for his ever growing tummy. He was smiling on demand, and not just from gas, consistently since 2 weeks old. And we swear he is teething. Our younger than 2 months old baby is gumming at stuff, trying to find his hands to chew on them, chews on his binkie, and has started drooling the last 2 weeks. I know they say the second child seems to do stuff earlier cause they have a sibling to learn from, but these milestones he seems to be hitting are out of control! He can slow down at any moment…


I better stop updating the blog or he may apply for college while I’m otherwise occupied.

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