Thursday, March 22, 2012

Modesty?! Since when??

Our sweet girl has no modesty. She has never minded cracking a huge smile while sitting on the pot…


Or running bare bummed down the hallway with a fireman hat on…


Or taking a moment from her quality reading time to smile ever so sweetly… again, while on the pot.


This chick will literally come out of the bathroom, whilst wiping tush cause she “Just had to tell us something real quick!” But the other day as she’s getting dressed in her bedroom (with the door wide open, mind you) I go to tell her to not forget to brush her teeth and she proceeds to furrow her brow, point down the hallway and tell me “I need privacy! I’m trying to get dressed!” (Queue closing door so as I can’t see her finish getting dressed). I guess now is a good as time as any to learn a little modesty. Now here’s to hoping she starts listening to us when we tell her to finish going to the bathroom completely before coming out to tell us something “just real quick!”

Man I love kids.

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