Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our 3 year-old!!!

My, my what a difference one year makes!! Tomorrow is our little girls actual birthday and today she had her 3 year well-baby check-up! Diagnosis: perfect toddler that is growing fabulously!! (But we already knew that) She is now 28lbs. and is 36.5 inches tall, which means she is in the 25 percentile for both height and weight. Since last year she has gained maybe 2 lbs. and has grown about 4 inches! Her health is perfect and development right on track.

Thinking back over the year it's amazing how much Hannah has accomplished in her little life. When she turned 2, she was able to speak 3 word sentences, and now she can narrate full paragraphs about her day and whats going on around her. She knows all her animals along with the sounds they make. She can count to 20 and say her ABC's. She's learning songs, her favorites are Old Macdonald and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but she tries to sing EVERY song she hears, even on the radio. (She will sing Pink, Paramore, and All American Rejects !!) She also knows all her colors and always points them out to us. Her coloring skills are quite amazing, if I do say so myself, she seriously colors inside the lines and most people are pretty impressed with her mad skills. She has since been able to memorize books and she "reads" them to us or herself during bedtime. She started preschool at La Petite in January, going 2 half days per week, now she goes 2 full days per week, and that may be increased to 3 full days in the coming months as school gets busier for mom. In late April/early May, she pottytrained with her best friend Emma, and caught on pretty quick! She had very few accidents and now is a master at pooping and peeing in the potty. She even got bumped up to the 3's class at school 4 months early because she was doing so well at pottytraining. She still wears pull-ups at night, but will randomly wake-up dry in the morning, so we are getting closer to completely trained. In June we started swim lessons; she was pretty scared and clung to me for life, but got a little more comfortable in the water but she refused to go under the water at all costs so thats what we'll work on next summer. She was only able to do a few lessons because she got bit by her grandparents dog, Jake, and had to get 14 stiches on her cheek and lip; it was unfortunate but she has since healed really nicely. Hannah is getting more skilled every time we visit the park, we are letting her be more independant when climbing and trying not to act too nervous when she's trying new things. Her favorite things to do at the park are swings, riding her tricycle, and climbing ladders or steps. Since last year her daily schedule hasn't changed too much: she wakes-up about 6:30-7, and instantly asks for a "bana", I keep waiting for her to be sick of them, but it never fails she asks for one everyday. She enjoys watching playhouse Disney on the mornings we are home; her favorite shows are Mickey or Caillou, and her favorite movies are Finding Nemo, Cars, and Bolt. She loves going to Blockbuster with us on Friday nights to pick a movie for family movie night-- which we try to do a few Fridays every month. Her favorite breakfast is strawberry shredded wheat with milk. Then we have lunch about 11:30-12, and her fav lunch food is PB&J's or mac n cheese, then naptime is about 12:30-3:30. After nap, it's snack time first and foremost; she LOVES all fruit but her favs are strawberries or watermelon. She's getting pretty picky about veggies, even though she used to eat everything, but she will normally eat avocado every time. For the rest of the day we play outisde, go to the park, or color. Then it's dinner, bath, show, stories, and bedtime about 7:30. She doesn't go to sleep right away, so she'll read to herself or sing until she's tired, but she's normally pretty content. She just recently got a big girl bed, so no more crib for her! She wasn't even climbing out of her crib but I figured it's time for the next step since she is now 3. The transition to a big girl bed was VERY smooth! We were shocked, she doesn't get out of bed without asking, it's so cute! The first couple nights it took her awhile to calm down because it was so exciting being in a new bed, but now she's used to it and even in the morning she calls for us from her room, and we tell her to come in our room. Beside her developmental milestones, we have done lots of fun things this year, including: Fairytale town, colored Easter eggs, got her first haircut, family trip to Oregon for great Grandpa's 80th birthday, the State Fair, Funderland, 1st manicure, movie theater for the 1st time, and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but the point is we are truly enjoying our privilage of being her parents and watching our girl grow-up. It's been SO much fun seeing the world through her eyes and we look foward to what this next year holds for us!

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