Sunday, October 25, 2009

Movin' on up!

A few days ago, Nick was offered and accepted a new job!!! In 2 weeks he will be starting at his new company, SEIU 1000, which is the largest union for State for employees. His new job title is Windows Server Administrator. He will be making a little more moola, they offer GREAT benefits, including FREE parking (Woo-Hoo), and he won't have to do desk top support anymore, he will be working more behind the scenes keeping the server up and running smoothly... all the way around this position should be a great career move for him and more beneficial for our family. The only slight downside of the new job is the company's colors are yellow and purple, and every Wednesday is company appreciation day and they ask employees to wear purple. Since my hubby has never owned a purple shirt in his life, I went out and purchased his first company appreciation shirt as a "Congratulations on the new job" present... I think it'll bring out his sexy eyes!!! I'm so proud of my hubby and knew his hard work would eventually pay off!!

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