Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hannah's 3rd Birthday Bash!

The weekend starts with me waking up Friday morning with a bad head cold, and I think "Great, my daughter's birthday party is tomorrow and I feel like poo, but I can't let her down... or the 30+ people that RSVP'd", so the show must go on, and it did! I ran around like a maniac Friday getting stuff prepared, Nick made the yards look all pretty Friday night and Saturday morning he hosed off the patio, good idea- until we realized the lawn wouldn't dry in time for the party and people were walking around in sloppy, muddy grass. Not to fear though, we put down a few white towels (the only color towels I have for messes, not so smart) to sop up some of the standing water and appoligized to anyone walking in the grass because their shoes were not going to survive. Grandparents came early to help with the finishing touches and detangle the 24 pink and yellow balloons I had just picked-up from the store... we only lost 3 balloons to the sky during the whole detangle process, not to shabby. Finally people started showing up, and I was already about to pass out from not feeling so hot, but I charged on and tried to be a good hostess along with Daddy host. Hannah's 2 best friends, Emma and Dylan came, Jordynn, and Hannah's cousins Jacy and Zach all made it to the party, along with ALL our amazing family that we love so much. While the kiddos ran around the yard and trashed her bedroom, the adults ate tons of food and chatted. We decided not to do any games this year, so after lunch we sang Happy Birthday and had to light the candle on her cupcake about 40 times, before she was able to blow it out before the wind got to it. She devoured that in about 2.5 seconds, so it was on to presents next! She had a HUGE pile of gifts and was thrilled to open them... so were all her friends and cousins that "just wanted to help get her started" :) hahaha. I always feel so bad for the other kids when she's opening presents, it's gotta suck sitting there wishing you were getting all those cool things. Anyways, she didn't need much help from mom and dad ripping through her gifts like she had previous years, so I guess that means she's growing up! My little baby is all gone, she's such a big girl now! She absolutely loved all her new things, which included: TONS of coloring stuff, dress-up clothes with lots and lots of tiaras, a few board games, books, and some super cute clothes. When people started to leave they would ask Hannah if she had a good party and her response was "YEAH, but now it's over." in a little voice, it was so cute. She busted out her scooter as soon as dad cleared off the patio of chairs and tables, then had him blow-up her new Nemo ball pit, and she played with that most of the night. She also brought out all her new board games and we taught her how to play, I think Hi Ho Cherrio is her fav at the moment. Then came dinner time, and she got her new "dancin' shoes" on (dress-up heels) to eat her dinner and 2nd cupcake of the day! She was so not wanting to calm down, she was still running strong, going from one toy to the next, and she had zero nap that day! We kept trying to put a movie on, thinking she would sit for a few minutes to rest, but she was not having it, all her new toys were just too exciting. Finally, though, came an early bedtime, we got to read a few of her new books, tucked her into bed, and she was sound asleep maybe 10 minutes later! She had such a LONG day, it really pooped her out and I think she realized it once she layed her head on the pillow. We wanted to say thank you again to everyone that came to celebrate and make Hannah's day so very special. (All the pictures from the party are on my Facebook, I'm still trying to figure out how to post more than one picture on a blog).

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