Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jumping on the band wagon...

So, I've been inspired by seeing other people's blog to actually start one for my own family. I never really understood the purpose of blogs until I noticed that I'm already forgetting when Hannah has accomplished a certain milestone or when exactly something happened and I know it'll just get worse with the older she gets... or the older I get! I want to be able to tell her when she did this or that, and without writing it down it goes straight outa my head! I did a milestone calender for her first year then stopped when I filled out the year. So, even though she's almost 3 now (1 week form today is her birthday) I figured better late than never with keeping track of the fun things we do and the things life throws our way. If other people can enjoy reading this and watch our family grow and learn then that's a bonus! Enjoy!

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