Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movie time!

"I'm so excited!"

"The dinosaur music is TOO loud!"

The time fnally came that I convinced Nick, Hannah could handle sitting still long enough to enjoy a movie at the theaters! It worked out perfect yesterday, he had the day off for Columbus day and I played hooky from school for the first time in years... seriously I never skip school, I'm a total nerd. So, we decide the 3 dollar movies at Sunrise mall was the perfect venue for such an occasion and they were stil playing Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs-- she loved the other Ice Age movies so we figured it was a good choice. I loaded up my purse with snacks of apple slices, M&M's, and lollipops, and away we were! We never know how late this girly will nap so we took her to the first showing at 11:50 which is about 40 minutes before naptime! She was so excited and we explained how it was going to be dark and we had to be quiet, yada, yada, yada. However, we failed to tell her the movies can be LOUD! As soon as we walk in she covers her ears, we kept coaxing her to uncover her ears and say she'll get used to it, but she won't have it! I really thought she would watch the entire movie with hands over ears, but about 10 minutes in she gained enough courage to uncover and enjoy the show! She was really good and sat in her chair enjoying snacks for the first 35 minutes, then started to get ansy, which really suprised me since she can sit at home and watch a movie without moving. She hopped down from her seat and stayed in our little area licking her lolli, having a good time. We chose a great time/place to go to the movies because it was pretty empty, so when she would start talking and raise her voice to be louder than the movie she didn't bother too many people. She made it until there were about 20 minutes left and wanted to go in the lobby and play games before we left. Although I wanted to find out if Rudy the dinosaur was going to be nice and if Syd would live with his friends again, the kiddo was ready to go. We let her play a few games and end up carrying a tiny, tantrum throwing girl out of the mall. We knew she was just tired and needed her nap, so I'm not gonna really hold it against her! Overall, it was really fun, and now that rainy season is upon us I have a feeling we will be frequent visitors of the movies!

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