Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting everyone up to speed

Here's a little update if you're not sure what exactly is going on in our life right now. Nick is working at RCRC as an IT analyst, translation: he fixes computers when people inevitably screw them up. Beside his normal full-time job he is also working on getting his own computer repair bussiness off of the ground. If anyone needs help with their computer email him at!! Say NO to Geek Squad people!!! I am STILL in school, and just turned in my nursing school applications for the 4th time, we'll find out in about 8 weeks if the lottery is in my favor! In the meantime, I am in the medical assisting program at Cosumnes and will have a degree by next summer which means I will be getting a job! I can't believe this, but I haven't worked for 3 years now!!! Holy smokes, I never thought I would be the person to stay home with my kiddo but I am truly lucky to have gotten the chance. That being said, I'm SUPER excited to get a job and we will be house hunting very soon, so stay tuned! Now on to the most important member of our family-- Hannah. She will be turing 3 next Wednesday and her "pink and yellow party" is on Saturday the 10th. She is going to preschool 2 full days per week and loves it, she comes home telling me which friends she played with that day, SO cute! Every day she learns something new and keeps us laughing with the things she says. She can be such a girly-girl by liking manicures, blowing drying her hair, and keeping clean. But she also loves to play soccer, tennis, and volleyball ouside with mommy and daddy. Her most loved activity at the moment is coloring, she could literally color all day long! She's just starting to get into the whole princess thing and is usually decked out in dress-up when I pick her up from school. Today she got her first birthday present and it was a tutu, crown, earrings, and magic wand and she has not taken it off yet! (Thanks Jamie and Brad) We'll update after her extravaganza on Saturday!

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