Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Routine

I have always been a very organized and routine person. I can’t relax until everything in the house is done and perfect. I hate to admit it but I like to get house stuff done even before getting down on the ground to play with Hannah. I just feel so distracted if there is chaos around me. Yes that sounds very silly, our house is FAR from chaos, but really I like things in their place and then I can enjoy my day. Hannah and I had a pretty good schedule down, we would relax in the morning, I could shower, get stuff done around the house, and we would even have time to do something fun before it was time for school. But then Mr. Jacob entered the “routine” and I thought he’d just slip right in seamlessly. Ha Again, I know that sounds silly Smile


Well, to say our routine is not going as “seamlessly” as it was before Jacob is an understatement. I feel like I’m racing against the clock every day to get stuff done and get Hannah to school on time. Before I know it, it’s 11:45 am and we have to hop in the car to get Han to school and we hadn’t even had any fun time. And the baby is in the middle of a bottle. And I still have slippers on. And… I could go on, and on. The TV has been on a little too long in the mornings, I’ve been making excuses for why I “need” to sit on the couch and search the internet mindlessly before I can go play but then it’s time for me to shower or I.won’! What a catastrophe! I really hate to actually admit all this, Hannah and Jacob should always come first. I have such a short time at home with my precious kids and really, I am wasting it on the internet and drying my hair?? Something HAS to change.


As much as I feel like I might be slowly “dying” from sleep deprivation, I’m not. I can and will survive with a little less shut eye. I will also survive if the house is not perfect ALL the time. AND blog and facebook posts will still be there 3 hours later, they aren’t going anywhere if I don’t So, how am I going to change all this and enjoy this time that is slipping away so quickly?? I will be starting my day before the kids start theirs. *If you know how much I value sleep then you know this is a BIG deal for me* Getting up early will allow me to have some “me” time. I can wake up leisurely with my coffee and peruse the social media sites I can’t seem to live without, I can shower and dry my hair! I may even be able to eat something before 11:30 am! What a concept! Maybe get the house picked up and a load of laundry started. I typically like to run in the morning to get it out of the way, but between that and showering it eats up 2 hours of our morning! So I’d like to save my running for 2 evenings per week and the weekend mornings. Another rule I am making for myself, no blog reading in the morning after Hannah is awake. I have 3 hours while Hannah is at school and if Jacob keeps to his current nap schedule (hahaha- expecting a baby to continue a schedule they are currently on? Why do I tease myself like this…) I can get a couple hours of me time or a little shopping or house cleaning time in then, too.


I plan on trying to get out of bed and shower between 6-6:30 am, then I can have the quiet house to myself or even chat with my hubs before he’s off to work. Another bonus, if I can get used to waking up this early then getting back into my work routine in a couple months should be just a little easier! It felt so nice today to put the computer down and play “shop” with Hannah, then work on a puzzle, and help her with her homework. And I know she enjoyed the morning too. I need to get out of this rut and just enjoy our time together, it’s so fleeting with me having to go back to work and I don’t want to miss out.


And just because they are so cute, I’ll give you something to look at…



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  1. TOTALLY understand how you feel-minus the extra baby, which will come in 2-3 weeks though.

    I really cant function or even allow myself to relax until the sink is emptied, the living room is vacuumed and the bed is made.
    I am becoming more and more of a clean freak and being pregnant doesnt help the fact.

    I love that you are updating the blog. I have a feeling I will be sining your same tune in a month. I, too, need me time in the AM.
    Your doing great. I know they say chores can wait but I feel like I can't be fully give myself to Cohen until the house is clean.

    Your doing great!!