Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Baby!

So, here we are once again... on bed rest and trying to find things to pass my time. I can definitely think of better things to do with time off work than sit on my booty watching reruns of reality tv that I've already seen 5 billion times, but the reason I do it is to keep our sweet angel safe and secure inside the tummy!

It started again Saturday night, before we went to bed I go to the bathroom and when I wipe- bright red blood on the paper, but there was nothing in the toilet so I didn't think too much of it, but maybe a popped blood vessel or someting. Then I get p around 2 am to pee and the tooilet is once again filled with red blood! Since this is now the 3rd time this pregnancy I've had bleeding it definitely isnt as scary- I didn't even wake up Nick, I figured if it got worse then I would wake him up.

Come morning I had no more bleeding, just heavy spotting and a small clot came out, but I was pretty crampy. Good thing we didn't have too much planned that day so I put myself on bed rest and decided to call Dr Cueto Monday morning to see if I should go to work or not (since the stupid on-call Dr's are never much help and don't care if you're not their personal patient). I was bummed about missing out on the Goore's 20% off everything sale but then my mom reminded me there will be Labor day sales coming up! So I guess I can wait a couple more weeks to look for baby furniture.

Monday morning I call and left a message for Dr to call me back with what I should be doing. It takes about an hour and half but he calls me back and says this can still be a very serious problem and he definitely thinks I should not go to work- or do much of anything for that matter. I am still at risk for miscarriage but I think it's gotta be a good sign I'm not bleeding at this moment. We are hoping that was the last of the hemmorrage coming out on Sunday morning and since I already had an appointment scheduled for Thursday Dr Cueto will just do another ultrasound at that point to double check everything. As much as all this blows at least we get to see the baby again, I'll be just shy of 15 weeks on Thursday and I'm really hoping Dr can see the baby's goods so we can know what we're having! I'm sure that won't be possible since they say 16 weeks is the earliest you can see the gender but I'm being hopeful, I figure all that's gone on maybe the baby will work with us on this one!

Everyone keeps saying how this baby will be feisty, it's already giving us a run for our money, and causing us trouble but I'd like to blame all of this on the baby's home (aka: my uterus). I think our baby wants to be with us so bad that it keeps hanging on even when the odds seem to be against it. We are very hopeful that everything will turn out perfect, it's just getting to that point that seems to be a struggle at times. But like I've said before, there are a lot of people that have it a lot worse than we do so we are grateful for what we have and where we are right now! Here's to the next 6 months going smooth and baby growing big and healthy! ... well maybe not TOO big but a healthy 7lbs would be perfect :) I gotta push that baby out, ya know?!

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  1. Thank you so much for the comment! Everything is so scary for me right now and unknown. I am still having some spotting this morning (this is the third day) and I have an ultrasound this afternoon again. My first pregnancy was completely healthy and joyful. Smooth sailing. This feels like such a nightmare. I just hate to think of what could happen. I will be praying hard for you and your little one. I hope your hematoma goes completely away and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! I look forward to hearing more from you!