Sunday, July 17, 2011

Preschool Graduation

I can't believe I no longer have a preschooler! Our sweet, sweet girl is officially a big, bad Kindergardner! About a month ago they had a graduation ceremony at Hannah's school for all the kiddos moving onto elementary school in the fall. It was such a cute ceremony- they called each child's name and as they handed them their diploma they asked what they wanted to be when they grow up. Nick and I knew for sure our kiddo was going to say Doctor, she is always talking about how she is going to be a Dr when she grows up and can't wait to go to college and everything! haha! Well, we sure were surpised when they asked our girl what she wanted to be and she responded with "Repunzel!". Well of course, what 4 year old little princess wouldn't want to be Repunzel when she grows up?! I loved the answer and can't wait to see if her dream comes true or if she does continue on to be Dr like she normally says! :)
I love how she is trying to be so serious in this picture... she's normally such a goof ball so it cracks us up when she tries to be serious!

Getting a little bored listening to all the other students get their diploma so she rolled up her diploma and played it like a horn! I just love my kid so much!

Picture with her wonderful teachers Mr Travis and Ms Kendra. Hannah loved them and I'm so glad she was in their class!

Our BIG graduate!

What good graduation for preschoolers doesn't end with a cupcake?! It was such a great evening and we are so proud of our big girl starting kindergarten this fall!

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