Sunday, August 7, 2011

16 weeks and a BOY

OK, super exciting news first... we found out yesterday (for positive) that we are having a BOY!!!
At the ultrasound we had when I was 14.5 weeks (to check on the hemorrhage- which doc said looks totally gone, so the last bleeding I had was probably me passing the rest of it! yay! Now here's to hoping it doesn't come back or cause any other problems...) Anyways, as soon as Dr said all looked good I asked if he could see *anything* and as he's saying "no, the machine is old, and the baby is too small... oh wait, I think I just saw something go by." As soon as he said that I knew it meant boy!! I was basically jumping off the table and Dr was saying "calm down, I can't tell for sure at this point! And don't go painting the room blue or anything". However, I was pretty sure it was a boy. We were going to wait until our normal 20 week ultrasound to 100% know for sure but Nick (and I ) couldn't stand the only sort of knowing, so we paid to get an outside ultrasound done and find out for sure. The tech said he has never been wrong in over 30 years and said we are for sure having a BOY!! What was even more special was Hannah was able to be there, hear the heartbeat, and see her little brother moving around on the screen. We were both nervous she wouldn't be excited since it wasn't a sister, but she was absolutely thrilled and hasn't called the baby Emily since we've found out! If it's possible, she seems even MORE excited and loving now towards my baby bump since she knows what's growing inside! I love seeing the growing love she has for her baby brother and I can't wait to see how she acts when he's actually here!

Hands in front of his face.

Beautiful, perfect spine.

Cute little boy profile and growing tummy!

Here I am at 15 weeks ( I pretty much look this same this week too):

Weight: I've gained about 8-10 lbs at this point. So I'm pretty much on track for normal weight gain, unless I really blow up here in the next couple weeks- which is entirely possible!

Symptoms: My nausea has finally subsided, I get random bouts of nausea here and there but overall I'm feeling pretty good, and I've got some more energy now that I'm in my 2nd trimester. I'm still totally exhausted most of the day but at points during the day I get a boost of energy. Overall, feeling good but just jiggly and trying to find stuff to wear these days is difficult so I've been slipping into some maternity clothes already- which feel so comfy! I would say I've been a little more snippy and short tempered lately, but that's all from the hormones... right??

Food and cravings: I've had WAY more food aversions than cravings this time and it's hard to find something that sounds good. Mexican food is still good, Italian food, salads with ranch, veggie sandwiches (although I wish I could pile it high with salami and turkey), egg and sausage breakfast sandwiches, and flavored chips (sour cream and onion, ranch doritos, spicy nacho doritos) which I was really trying to stay away from because of the MSG but they are soooooo good, so I try to limit them.

Fun stuff: Starting around 14 weeks I started feeling little pops of movement. Some people might think that's too early to feel anything, but it was always in the same spot and felt the same way everytime- like popcorn popping. It would be totally random and maybe 1 time per day and not even every day, but I know those are small baby movements! Now that I'm 16 weeks I really look forward to being able to feel baby more often and bigger movements. With Hannah's pregnancy her movements felt more like butterflies in my stomach, so it's funny how this baby's movements are totally different and feel like little pops. It's fun comparing the 2 pregnancies, especially since I didn't write everything down with Hannah's so this is a way for me to reflect on my pregnancy with her too.

Names: So now we are completely on to boy names (of course) and we are all 3 liking Jacob Andrew, although I really liked Jackson Reid no one else seems to like it so I guess I get voted out! But we also decided to give the name discussion a break for a few weeks since we are both tired of debating, so we'll revisit this subject in the near future!


  1. Congrats on the lil guy :)
    I'm so excited for you guys!!!

  2. I love Jackson Reid. My brother in law, who is single told me if he ever has a buy he will name it Holden Reid. Reid is my husbands dad's middle name. Your little belly looks so cute!