Sunday, July 10, 2011

12 weeks

Just a quick post to document what's been going on the last 2 weeks. Thankfully, the last 2 weeks have been quite uneventful, which is exactly what we want at this point! I'm still spotting, but not much, some days worse than others but as of yet nothing to worry about! Woo hoo! We couldn't be happier! I feel like we are definitely relaxing more and agan starting to enjoy the idea of our growing peanut! It's really hard to believe this time next year we will seriously have a baby around here, and not even a newborn anymore, a baby that squeals and laughs and can sit in a high chair at the table during dinner! It's such an exciting thought, I'm just SOOOOO excited!!

Now on to the happenings of this pregnancy so far...
First off the first belly picture, and of course big sister had to get in on the action and show how much she loves her brother or sister already:
It really doesn't look like much of a bump but in person I am starting to poke out just a little bit and I love it! Can't wait to actually wear some cute maternity clothes and have them fit. The bare belly pic below looks a little Pillsbury dough boy soft but thats ok it shows that our little sweet pea is getting bigger by the day!

Weight: I seem to fluctuate between 4 and 6 lbs, so I'm gonna go with 4lbs gained so far, and at the end of the first trimester I couldn't be happier with that number. At this point with Hannah I had probably gained over 10lbs already so 4 ain't too shabby. I'm just hoping it stays a slow and steady gain this time, cause that means less work after baby gets here. :)

Mood/Feelings: I'm feeling very happy and starting to relax a little bit as each day passes with nothing wrong happening. I love seeing the belly grow and I can't wait to start feeling the baby move. It should happen sooner this time, and I might even start to feel things in about 4 weeks! Woo!! I'm still so exhausted all the time and my nausea still comes and goes, but I think it's getting better. I had 1 day of energy last week that was pretty exciting but the next day back to utterly exahusted! haha After this week I will be in my 2nd trimester so I'm really hoping I get some energy back at that point.

Cravings: I'm still wanting fruit, cereal, and Mexican food is my main craving. But this time I will crave something and once I eat it then I don't really want it after that. With Hannah, I would crave something and eat it for a couple weeks before moving on to something else, but this time I really get over food easily and start to feel queasy more than last time. I was really wanting spinach dip, so I made a whole batch of it and had a hunk of bread with it and now I don't really want it anymore but I've got this whole bowl in the fridge so I've got to eat it! haha So if I crave something then I just know not to go buy it in bulk since it'll probably pass quickly.

Fun things this week: The best thing that happened this week was hearing the heart beat for the first time! At work one of the Dr's is going to be doing OB care so he got a doppler this week and was able to test it out on me, which was great since I haven't even heard the heart beat yet. We've seen it on the ultrasound a couple times but hearing it is something new and so wonderful! It is truly one of the best sounds in the world! I was kind of bummed Nick wasn't able to hear it, but he will at the appointments so it's ok, but for me being able to hear it really put me at ease once again.

So this didn't just start happening this week but since we first told Hannah about the baby she couldn't be more excited! She is absolutely sure it's going to be a girl and has named her Emily, which I think is hilarious that she doesn't care mommy and daddy name baby, she just calls her Emily all the time! (We are really thinking about using Emily as the middle name, we thougt it would be fun that she had a part in naming her sister, if it's a girl that is!) She is always wanting to hug and kiss my tummy, which is so sweet. Even though she really wants a sister she says she will still love a brother and wants to name him James, however she NEVER calls the baby James! :)

Names: For a girl we so far like the names Brynn and Lauren. For a boy we like Connor and Jacob. I'm definitely not able to settle on any name yet and am still throwing new names at Nick all the time, which he totally can't stand, he doesn't understand why if we like a name we can't just stick with that, but I don't want to miss out on a possibility so I'm constantly thinking of names. In just 8 short weeks we'll at least be able to narrow down the gender and go from there! So excited to find out what's growing inside me. So far I had a dream it was a boy and then a couple nights later a dream we had a girl, so I really have no idea. My gut is to say it's a boy, but that's what we thought when I was pregnant with Hannah and were shocked when they said it was a girl, so we'll see!

Will update soon!

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