Sunday, August 21, 2011

18 Weeks!

18 week bump! I feel like it looks bigger in person and especially at the end of the day after eating it's totally a baby bump and I love it!!

Weight gain: Blah!!! At this point I'm at 10-12 lbs gained!! Which I'm not happy about but I know it's gotta happen. A couple friends that are further along then me have only gained 10lbs and I'm about to surpass them. :( Oh well, it's only temporary and I know it'll come off soon enough. But in the meantime I am loving my growing bump. I have yet to be asked in public if I'm pregnant, so I'm looking forward to when people can look at me and just know.

Symptoms: Nausea is totally gone which I'm loving and more food is starting to sound good.... so it's not too shocking with the weight gain I've had. I get random round ligament pain when I move too fast or in an awkward way. Heartburn has started, it's usually in the late afternoon a couple hours before dinner and it's not unbearable but I know that's coming. But the worst symptom yet is sciatic nerve pain. It's been slowly coming on but I get it everyday and on both sides of my butt. With Han I only had sciatic pain on the right side but this time it's on both. I'm usually pretty good during the day but as soon as I'm relaxing at night on the couch it's like my body gets too stiff and I can barrely stand up.

Food and cravings: Food has been tasting pretty darn good lately! :) I'm not really craving too many things and I've been eating our normal meals for the most part. But I still love Mexican and Italian food and I've also been eating a lot of veggie sandwiches lately.

Fun stuff: Feeling baby move more often. I definately do not feel him on a daily basis yet and it's still little pops and flutters but I love every time I feel him! I will be able to relax way more when I feel him everyday but until then I've been using the doppler at work to listen to his heartbeat every couple days! :) I can't wait for Nick and Hannah to be able to feel him, that will be so much fun!

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  1. OMG Shelby I just read your birth story of Hannah and you are sooooo not making em look forward to this whole labor thing! I am terrified!!!! I keep trying to tell myself the joy comes after but your story scared the S*** out of me!