Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Am Moody

Well, this pic was supposed to be at the bottom but I hate blogger and it hates me so it put it at the top... but look at my sweet Princess and her new hair cut that she begged me for!! I wanted to keep her hair long forever but she had other plans, begging for a couple weeks to get those locks chopped off, and she looks adorable! How I love her so much!!!

Just ask my hubby, I am absolutely moody! Now this could be one of two things.... I am either about to get a visit from Aunt flow or I'm growing a teeny tiny baby and that is already making me a crazy person.

Now to be fair to myself, I am NEVER like this, but for the last week I just cannot help it. I haven't had a real period in about 2 years since I have had the IUD, but I would think I would still have "that time of the month" and all the emotions that go with it?? But I have not acted this crazy, like ever.

How "crazy" you ask?? Well, the other day I got pissed at Nick, and for very GOOD reason... he burnt my grilled cheese sandwich. Yup, can you believe the bastard forgot to flip it so it was nice and black on one side and then the griddle was too hot to make another right after, so I sulked... over a grilled cheese sandwich. What has become of me? Poor guy felt so bad and offered to make me another, or something else entirely, even offered to go get something, but I was having none of it. I sulked and kept saying "I ask you to do ONE thing!!!!" The next day I found it utterly hilarious, told everyone at work who also thought it was hilarious, and then apologized to the hubs via e-mail that day at work, and my wonderful husband responded with "I'm sorry too babe, I felt so bad for burning your grilled cheese." Really?? What husband responds so nicely to a crazy ass wife! And that is why I married the guy, he is seriously THE best!!

Then today, he wants to go buy a new office chair for work, reasonable enough. However, he wants to drive it ALL the way to work, TODAY! Even though he will be going there tomorrow morning, he wanted to do it today. It's 10:30 am, we aren't doing anything, it's raining outside and I had already told him that I just want to sit on the couch all day so he figured it wouldn't be a problem. Well, try telling that to me. I was seriously irritated and the real reason I'm irritated?? I want a philly cheese steak sandwich and I DO NOT want to wait an hour and half I would have to if he took his new chair all the way downtown to his office! Reasonable? I think not, but it makes sense to me. (Mind you, it is only 10:30 am and I'm already thinking I NEED that sandwich right about now!)

So, to conclude, if I am NOT pregnant there is absolutely NO excuse for this behavior but if I am- welcome to the journey, babe!! :) It can only get better from here... now WHERE is my philly cheese steak sandwich??? (And, no I haven't eaten one for like 5 years, but for some reason I MUST have one today!) Am I giving in to my not quite yet pregnant cravings already? Ugh I sure hope not...

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  1. SOOO funny!!!! i just read this to my MIL who is here visiting... we had a good laugh!!