Monday, June 25, 2012

5 Months old!!

It seems like just yesterday I did his 4 month post! (Well, maybe that’s because I did, but really he is growing too fast!) We truly cannot believe he is already 5 months old! I feel like this month he is doing so much more. I’m not sure if it’s just the natural progression of this age, if he’s advanced for his age, or if he’s learning stuff from watching other babies at daycare but man he is really picking up lots of new talents this month. Nick and I are always saying- I don’t remember Hannah doing this or doing that at his age! (To be fair to Hannah, she has always been advanced, so I’m sure us thinking that has more to do with Hannah was his age 5 years ago so maybe our recalling her milestones isn’t the best.) Smile

  This month brought a lot of changes! We are starting to introduce solids, but very slowly since he isn’t taking to it like we thought he would. He gets really excited about grabbing the spoon and bringing it to his mouth but then gives a big shudder anytime the food goes down his throat! Smile He’s tried avocado and sweet potato. We will need to start giving him something to eat everyday here soon so hopefully he gets used to it quickly. Another change this month was mommy going back to work and baby starting daycare! I was super nervous about this for the obvious reasons- missing the kids and worrying about how Jacob would do in daycare, but I’ve got to say I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m very comfortable taking him to the daycare we chose and Jacob is so happy and has adjusted really well- like he’s been going there since day 1!

Shots this month were not fun, but he stopped crying as soon as I scooped him up and not another peep about it! He got a little fever, but nothing a little tylenol didn’t help. He passed his physical with flying colors and we were told to keep doing everything we are doing- which is the best thing a parent can be told. Smile

We look forward to another month with our little guy and all the milestones it will bring! We can’t get enough of his squishy cheeks and silly faces!!


Height, Weight, and Dome-piece Circumference:

25.5 inches long, 56%  (Stats from 4 month check, which was in June)

14 lbs 2 oz , 28%

42 centimeters, 38%

Clothes and Diaper sizes:

He still wears size 0-3 month clothing. Some of his t-shirts are 6 month size and they aren’t too big on him, but his pants must be 0-3 or they would be a little to big in the waist however the length is starting to be too short. Can still fit very comfortably in 0-3 month onsies. Sleepers are 6-9 month, because he is so long. 

Size 1 diapers until he ran out of the last box right before turning 5 months, so now size 2.   


He eats 6 oz every 3 hours during the day. Most nights not eating and actually sleeping all the way through (but he does have his moments)! 


Jacob’s sleeping is still pretty good. We put him to bed between 7-7:30 pm and he usually sleeps all night until 6:30 am or so. However, he does have bad nights and when he does he usually has a couple in a row where he wants to eat twice per night. Which doesn’t sound bad, but when you’re used to sleeping through the night for a good streak then all of a sudden he wakes up multiple times per night, its hard. We also realized when we try to take him off his prevacid he sleeps terrible, so we will not be messing around with his medication until he is about a year or so. In fact, we got his dose upped to 1 tab per day and his reflux seems to be under control. As for naps, he sleeps every 2 hours for 1-3 hours per nap. 

Milestones, Fun Stuff, and Factoids about our Boy:

*Rolling ALL over the house- getting stuck under the coffee table, against the wall, ect.

*On his 5th month birthday he sat up completely unassisted! We’ve been working on this and then today he just decided to master it and was sitting forever all on his own! (Hannah also sat unassisted on THE day she turned 5 months old- crazy!)

*Can put his binky in his mouth all by himself! We can hand it to him and he’ll put it in or if he sees it in his crib he’ll reach out for it and put it in. Crazy! We feel like that seems advanced for his age.

*Grabs at EVERYTHING! He sees something he wants or thinks he might want and he reaches out and grabs for it.

*Starting the inch worm scooting across the room crawl. He gets up on his toes with his butt in the air and pushed forward, he doesn’t get very far but he’s working on it.

*Loving his jumperoo and he actually jumps in it! He doesn’t like it for long periods of time, but he’ll jump and grab his toys for a little bit at least.

*Always sleeps on his tummy.

*Still loves his play mat and uses it every single day.

*Ate avocado and sweet potato

*Loves daycare and the teachers that watch him all day! He’s so happy when I drop him off and goes to the ladies with no problem. I call a couple times per day to check on him and he’s always doing good. And he’s a happy, smiley guy when I pick him up. Besides taking the daycare’s word on how he’s doing I can also judge his day by his mood when I drop off/pick up and it’s always a happy time! Which makes me feel SO much better about going back to work.

*Can no longer use his low profile swing we have in our bathroom- just yesterday he was buckled in it and I look over at him and he had lunged forward for the bar that it’s attached to and was half hanging out and holding himself up with his hand on the ground Smile It was hilarious, especially cause he didn’t even make a peep, just looked around for someone to help him! We’ve decided to donate this swing to the NICU at Sutter. When Jacob was in the NICU he used a low profile swing pretty much the whole time cause he had to be upright after every feeding so we want to be able to help another baby that will need to do the same. I called today to make sure they take used swings and they do, his is in near perfect condition so I feel good about donating it to a place that actually NEEDS it. As sad as it is to be getting rid of baby things already, it makes me so happy that a lot more babies will be able to get the use out of it.


Picture overload!! I didn’t get many with his big dimply smile but he did chatter and give me his silly faces Smile



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