Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Months Old!

Well, hello there blogland! We are still alive and well, just super busy living life! I totally skipped out on little man’s 4 month post so I’ll do a quick one now, I’m only 1 month late, whatever. Smile

Jacob is such a happy, sweet baby! Since we’ve figured out his issues (lactose intolerance and keeping him on his medication for acid reflux) he is just the best little guy and has such a great disposition! His personality is really showing through these days. He loves to smile and laugh. This month his mouth found his toes and doesn’t leave them alone. Also, realized he has a tongue and likes to stick it out and rub it against his gums. He had his first vacation this month, we went to the beach house with the Jackson family and beside sleeping terrible the first 2 nights, he was a happy baby and had a good time. Although, it was crazy windy there so his experience at the actual beach was him sleeping in his tightly covered car seat- and even though the blanket was locked down around his seat there still managed to be sand all over him! But he didn’t mind.

Jacob is growing up so fast and we are enjoying every minute of our sweet baby boy! He is such a joy and we can’t imagine him not being a part of our family.

Height, Weight, and Dome-piece Circumference:

24.75 inches long 96 % (Will update after 4 month check, which isn’t until June, but I know this is wrong, I re-measured him at home and he was just barely 24 inches which is still long but not quite what we thought)

13 lbs 8 oz 

40 cm head circ 49 % (Again, will update after check-up next month)


Clothes and Diaper sizes:

He still wears size 0-3 month clothing. Some of his t-shirts are 6 month size and they aren’t too big on him, but his pants must be 0-3 or they would be way to big in the waist. Can still fit very comfortably in 0-3 month onsies. Sleepers are 3-6 month, because he is so long. 

Size 1 diapers still, although I’ve thought about putting him in size 2 overnights since he’s sleeping better at night and don’t want a wet bed to be waking him up.   


He eats 5-6 oz every 3 hours during the day. Most nights not eating and actually sleeping all the way through! 


Jacob’s sleeping is still pretty good. We put him to bed between 7-7:30 pm and he usually sleeps all night until 6:30 am or so. However, he does have bad nights and when he does he usually has a couple in a row where he wants to eat twice per night. Which doesn’t sound bad, but when you’re used to sleeping through the night for a good streak then all of a sudden he wakes up multiple times per night, its hard. We also realized when we try to take him off his prevacid he sleeps terrible, so we will not be messing around with his medication until he is about a year or so. In fact, we got his dose upped to 1 tab per day and his reflux seems to be under control. As for naps, he sleeps every 2 hours for 1-3 hours per nap. 

Milestones, Fun Stuff, and Factoids about our Boy:

*Laughing all the time.

*Rolling everywhere, all the time! 

*Found his voice- likes to make a loud squeal type noise.

*Sleeps on tummy or side. 

*Drooling, chewing on hands even more. 



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