Monday, January 9, 2012

38 weeks...

And I'm definitely feeling every minute of it! Went to the dr last Friday and my bp was actually a little better so dr wasn't quite ready to make this boy come yet- I begged to differ but dr wants baby to try and come on his own time. Which I would much rather have happen to, but the last couple weeks are just so difficult, and uncomfortable!! I'm 2 cm dilated and he said baby's head is super low, he was able to scratch his head! So weird!! Hannah was pretty sad she couldn't touch the baby's head haha but how do I say "I'm sorry honey, but I don't want your hand in my vagina", it just didn't seem right to say that to a 5 year old! :) dr also seems to think I'll have an easy labor since baby is so low and ready to go, I sure hope he's right!!
So this weekend we have been in full on baby inducing mode! We went for skipolini's prego pizza on Friday and did lots of walking all weekend. On Saturday I had contractions on and off for about 6 hours but it just fizzled out when I went to sleep. :( so walking continues, I plan on walking Han to school this week, let's just hope it doesn't take all week to get him here. After I walk for a bit my pelvis is so sore I can barely move the rest of the day! My next appt isn't until Jan 16th, here's to hoping I don't have make it to that appt!!

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