Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love This Girl!!

Hannah is seriously the light of our life! She's so goofy and silly, we just can't help but laugh with her everyday! She is almost 4 1/2 years old and I can't believe I am saying this but next month we will be registering our baby girl for kindergarten!! How have we gotten this FAR already?? She's just growing SO fast and refuses to slow down, she's just like her daddy and is constantly saying how she can't wait to grow up! Which in turn we tell her, to slow down and enjoy her young life- probably something we should also do at times! :)
Hannah truly has a zest and excitement for life that is just amzaing to see. Everything is WONDERFUL or AWESOME no matter how small the event might seem to us. Getting donuts on a Saturday morning?? She's thrilled and can't say thank you enough! January turning into February? "Oh, my gosh that's so cool that's it's going to be February!!" This girl also says some pretty funny things... Gina is now very visibly pregnant with Lily and they were over one night when Hannah is feeling the baby move she says "I'm going to have a baby soon.", we respond "really? When?". Han: "When mommy gets one in her tummy!! And I'm going to have a sister just like Emma!!" Me: "Well, we don't get to decide if we have a girl or a boy, God decides that. What if you get a brother and not a sister?" Han: "I don't want a brother I want a sister though!!" Gina: "Well then you gotta talk to the big man upstairs!" A couple days later Nick and Han are driving past the new church that is being built down the street from our house when she says "Look, the big house is almost done!" Nick: "That's not a house, that's a church where people go to pray and talk about God and stuff." Han: "Oh, then I need to go there and talk to the big man upstairs becuase I want a baby!!" hahaha The things our little girl says are so funny we can't belive what she comes up with sometimes!!

Some of her favorite things to do these days include: coloring, playing outside on her play structure, riding her scooter, playing with her art easel that has a white board, playing her video games on the x-box, or just running around the house with daddy while he tries to tickle her! She also LOVES when we can go play at wacky tacky or Bounce-U, and as of now she wants to have her birthday party at wacky tacky, so we'll see if that's still the case when October rolls around!
Climbing the HUGE slide at Bounce-U, she will go on this over and over and over again!

Being the teacher and telling us about days of the week- notice how she spelled January below?? So maybe she can't QUITE spell correctly yet, but she's getting there :)
Our girl loves to strike a pose and she is constantly dancing- no matter of where we are she's either bustin' a move or twirling like a ballerina!! I LOVE the innocence of a child, she doesn't care if people watch her when she dances in public and I hope she keeps that innocence for a long time!
Yup- just a little dance before going off to school in morning, it's GREAT way to start the day!
Now that the weather is teasing us with Spring-like sunshine we have been playing outside whenever we get a chance! This happy face explains just how exciting the sunshine really is!
Striking a pose with her favorite "animal", a ladybug!
Love these family weekend days! It's so nice to run around and watch Han have fun outside!

We've been really enjoying this beautiful weather! Not looking forward to when the rain comes again, so I better get out there and enjoy it some more!

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