Sunday, February 27, 2011

"B" and "C" Dates

Alright, so here we go on our B and C dates. This seems to have only turned into us eating something that starts with the letter and then watching something with the letter, but we have fun and that's all that matters! haha
Our B date consisted of us getting take out from one of favorite places- On the "B"order, love their food!! Yum!!
While eating dinner we watched the "B"ack up plan, with Jennifer Lopez, which I don't reccommend to anyone really, it was pretty cheesy so we had fun making fun of it! haha
Here's the hubby enjoying his enchiladas.....

Part of our date was putting our sweet girl to "B"ed, while we ate she was upstairs in our room watching a movie, if we get our date nights started too late we just won't last! hahaThen we made ourselves a yummy "B"anana split, it was so good even though I was stuffed from dinner!
See, we were pretty excited about our dessert... :)
Then the next weekend we had our C date and I was super lazy and didn't really plan anything! Ooooops! The hubby had the idea of "C"lam "C"howder which I love, so for the first time I made homemade clam chowder and put it in bread bowls- oh man it was so yummy!
Here I am slaving away at the stove- it really didn't take too long to make, I'll definitely be making it again!
See even the hubs liked it!
Dishes were super easy to take care of.... it was soooo filling with all the potatoes and bread!
While eating we watched a "C"omedy show- my favorite, Friends dvd's! And that was pretty much our date, kind of lame but we enjoyed our evening together!! Let's see if this actually continues, it's kind of hard to think about new stuff to do for an at home date, but we are having fun trying!

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