Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mini Golf

We took Hannah for her first mini-golf experience this last Sunday and we had a great time!! She did so good and tried really hard! For most of the holes she would run up and put the ball in whatever opening door or spinning windmill and run down to swing the club and knock the ball in the hole. I love that we have found another activity we can all enjoy together and Hannah can't wait to go again! Below are lots of pictures from our fun day:
Hole #1!
Waiting so patiently for the people ahead of us to finish up!

She tried really hard to get the ball around the loop...
Eventually realized it probably wasn't gonna go around and pouted for a minute!

Then got over it and got back to playing!
Used the ramp to the house as a slide down!!

A purple ball!!! My favorite color!!
She is constantly talking about this castle- we drive past it whenever we go to school or to Nana's and she always says in the most pitiful voice: "I wish I could go to that castle", so we had to pose for a picture in front of the famous castle! I wonder what's she's gonna think about the Disneyland castle??
Getting good at aiming her shots.
She swings and scores!!! This is how she ended each hole!

I was a little worried that she would get disinterested in playing after a few holes but just the opposite happened- she was upset when we got to the last hole. She couldn't understand why we couldn't go do the other side of the golf course and play that side too. Which brings me to my question- why can't mini golf places have only 1 round of 18 holes??? Seriously trying to explain to a 3 year old that we only paid for 1 round and that it's hot outside and time to go home was way to difficult. But she left like such a big girl and cannot wait to go back again! I wonder what we'll be doing this summer...

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