Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Backyard Oasis!

That's what we are calling it- our backyard oasis! hahaha We are so excited that the weather was finally nice long enough to dry up all the nasty clay-like dirt we had in our backyard so it could be replaced with beautiful grass!! I was hoping for it to be done before Easter, so the Easter bunny had a place to "hide" the eggs for Miss Hannah and I'm happy to say it is done with 2 weeks to spare! In the Spring and Summer months we practically live out back- playing during the day and drinking and BBQing at night with friends, so we are really looking forward to breaking in the new digs in the coming months.
Here is what 2800 square feet of perfect, green sod looks like when it gets delivered... on a Saturday morning at 6:40 am- sorry neighbors, hope you don't hate us too much for the lovely wake-up call from the big rig and lifts bringing our sod in!
Our backyard before....

Our backyard after!!

It's so perfect and lush!! In the next few months we are probably going to get a trampoline for Hannah... and of course for Nick and I- I always wanted one as a kid and now I can finally get one!!

Our next step in making our backyard perfect for entertaining was installing speakers! (If the neighbors didn't hate us for the sod delivery noise then they will now when we are playing music outside during our BBQ's!)

Of course what would a backyard be without proper lighting?? Nick hard at work putting up our new lights- I just hope they actually give enough light to see out there, with no street lights in the alleys at night, our backyard is pretty dark!

He totally loves that I document every little thing in our lives with pictures!! How am I supposed to blog and update the world if I don't snap a few photos??

Up next is our outdoor kitchen- we have ordered the BBQ and island and it should be done and delivered in about a week. Then our backyard should be done for good and ready for fun!!

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