Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had such a fun New Years Eve sleepover with Gina and Emma. The girls spent the afternoon playing together so well, it's awesome that they are getting to the age where they keep eachother entertained and play so nice together without fighting. It's super to cute to hear them have conversations with eachother and they made up some game about dragons that they always like to play, it's very cute! I made a huge spread of yummy dips and appetizers that we snacked on all night. We figured since we weren't eating a proper dinner, the girls didn't have to either, so I made them their own plates of snacks and treats that they munched on while watching Snow White.

The cute girls sitting on the couch enjoying their grub!
After they ate, they became princesses and danced around the living to princess music- seriously their favorite pasttime lately. We were finally able to get them to pose for at least one "best friend picture" before they were off and dancing some more.
We were hoping all that running around and staying up a little later than normal would make putting them to bed a lot easier, but their was just too much going on for them to settle down. We did the normal bedtime routine with stories and put them to bed in separate rooms but they eventually convinced us they should have a real sleepover and go to bed in the same bed. So they layed in the extra room sofa bed that we just got because it has more room than Hannah's little toddler bed. After about an hour of reading books and gossiping they were still awake and they somehow convinced us that a movie in bed was what they needed. Since it was so late by this point, we were sure they would pass out while watching Little Mermaid, however since neither of them ever fall asleep to watching tv that was also too exciting to relax and close their eyes.
Here the cute girls are snuggeled in bed watching a movie.
While the girls were tucked up in bed, the parents and our friends Andy and Nicole continued to snack, drink, and have fun. It was great just relaxing at home and enjoying the company of great friends.

We've been friends for over 20 years now and our girls seem to be following in our footsteps!

Finally, midnight was right around the corner and apparently we needed a shot of vodka to ring in the new year!
Here's Nick getting the shots ready for everyone.

Happy New Year kiss!!

After the new year commotion was over we went to check on the girls, just knowing they would be sound asleep by this point... we were wrong! We brought the girls down stairs for a few minutes of celebrating 2010!

Hannah was super excited about making it to midnight! hahaha She kept shouting "Happy New year!!"
We then put the girls back in their separate beds and both were passed out within minutes. This new years was so much fun and I'm so happy I got to spend it with some of the people I love!

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