Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Bit of Randomness...

* My sweet 4 year old says to me yesterday as I heave myself off the couch: "Mommy, you're getting fat, but it's just because of the baby", WOW thank you sweetheart, I really appreciate that! Immediately there after I go on to explain why we NEVER say people are getting fat, especially to your mommy.... who does this girl think she is? (Although she is sort of right...)

* Why is planning a 5 year old's party so stressful and EXPENSIVE??!! Good lord she's turning 5, why are we contemplating spending upwards of $400 on a party plus a dinner the night before for family?? Ok, change of plans, scale down a little, only invite her friends and grandparents, go to a place that's not quite as expensive and she'll still have a BLAST! And, no dinner the night before for family... there comes a time when extended family just doesn't need to be invited and it's just about Hannah and her friends... right? Right?

*Speaking of her birthday we already got her gift and it's out in the backyard already being enjoyed- the trampoline is back, my friends, and Hannah couldn't be more excited! We got HOA approval before buying it this time so they aren't going to make us get rid of it! We bought it for her a month early becuase of previous bullet point of her party costing a small fortune... no it's not the $60,000 party like on RHOBH but still over $400 for party is still a lot in my book!

* I have a problem- all I want to do is shop, seriously I want to buy something all. of. the. time! I want to shop for Hannah. Shop for the baby. Shop for clothes, even though I'm only going to be this size for another 4 months...

*Speaking of, in just over 4 months we will have a brand spanking new bambino to bring home! Ahhhh I'm so excited to hold and kiss this little dude that has been a-wigglin' and a-groovin' inside my tummy!
21 weeks and there is no hiding it now (not that I was hiding it) but I'm COMPLETELY showing now and I LOVE it! And getting fat?? Yup, pretty much true, total weight gain so far? 15 lbs!! Yikes!!! And I still have about 19 weeks to go...

*Why did I just start crying out of no where today?? Literally tears streaming down my face for no reason whats-o-ever! Yes, I must be pregnant. The first part of my pregnancy I was not very emotional but these last 2 weeks, I'll cry at ANYTHING!

* I just decided today that Hannah and I are going to make the long drive to Idaho with my parents to visit my Grandma for her 80th birthday. We haven't seen her for 4 years, so Hannah was only 1 year old the last time she saw her. Plus, my parents aren't going to tell her that Hannah and I are coming so it's going to be a great surprise... this is not going to go well for my whole emotional thing I got goin on these days!

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  1. Hahaha Hannah is too funny I must say, even though I truly agree she should never say to a woman! Teach her early on and never to ask a woman her age either lol!

    You have such a cute belly :) Your lil guy finally decided to pop out, you didn't even look pregnant in your last pictures to me.

    If you want a cheaper idea for a birthday party for Hannah I have heard that John's Incredible Pizza is a good place for parties and not over $400.00 I can tell you that much! my niece had her 4th birthday party there almost two years ago and everyone loved it! Just a suggestion for you or even a park for the day, Rusch Park in Citrus Heights ais a good place with lots of tables etc. Figured I'd try to help you out mommas!