Monday, September 6, 2010

House Stuff

*Warning: Blogger sucks and apparently I can't upload pictures in the correct order or move them around, so the befores and afters should be switched :)

Moving into a brand new house is a glorious thing, everything is perfect and ready to be lived in- except it totally squashes ANY motivation to do anything to your home. We have been in the house for about 8 months now and I'm finally getting tired of the white walls and am starting to do something about it. Before this, I have never painted in my entire life, unless you count glitter splatter paint in my childhood room, which I do not count that as actually painting. Anyways, at first I wanted to just add a couple accent walls, so we painted a yellow wall in Hannah's room and a sage green in ours:
I'm happy with our room, but I do want to add curtains to the big window to get some more color in there. Now with Hannah's room, every time I walked in there I felt like it was not done so I set out on a little DIY project and it was so much fun! After I painted the rest of the room yellow and the bottom half pink (p.s. straight line chalk markers are AMAZING) my dad came over to help put a chair rail up, and it only took us about half the day, not too bad!! Below pictures are completely out of order...

The chair from Hannah's nursery, I LOVE this little reading chair for her but I want to get some bright pink fabric and cover it, since I am SOOOOOO not crafty I haven't attempted this yet but it is on my to do list!

The lamp from her nursery- dressed up with a little bright pink spray paint and I love that the lamp shade is white with light yellow stripes on it, it goes perfect with the yellow in her room.

Her wall of shelves- I was so not smart about these, I purchased dark wood shelves and went about spra painting them white. They look good now but I would have saved so much time and energy if I had just waited until I found cheaper white or even bright pink shelves- which I happened to stumble across at Target literally the next week after I painted these!! Grrrrrrrr Oh, well live and learn! Anyways, I love that there is a spot to put pictures, her letter H, and piggy bank- my favorite is the picture of her and Cinderella, which is the perfect place to display her princess autograph book from Disneyland! Oh how smart is that?!! Until I thought to put it there, that book had been sitting in a drawer all alone!

Part of her finished room- I still want to put a mirror there and Nick is trying to convince me the tv we have in the extra room would go perfect there...
Her finished room!! I just ordered 3 nylon butterflies that I plan to put on the wall above her bed.

The next project was the downstairs bathroom- nothing crazy here just a little light blue paint on the walls, I love how that color goes with the browns already in there!
Next on my agenda is to find soemthing to go on the wall above the toilet- either sconces with candles or maybe a picture of some sort... I'll know it when I see it!
Here's the bathroom when we moved in, so plain. Paint can really dress a room up!

I want to paint our bathroom and Hannah's bathroom next- since I've already got sage green towels and the green wall in our room I'm thinking tan walls, just to add something.
And the laundry room- I've got a lot of light blue paint leftover so I figured slap that on the walls in here! Nick thinks it's crazy to paint a laundry room, but I think it would be nice to have a pretty place to throw dirty clothes into the drum!
Our house is slowly coming together, I LOVE this place and just want to add some color to liven it up! I'm a little afraid of color because I never know if it's going to turn out how I see it in my head, but so far my projects have gone pretty well. Stay tuned to see what other changes we make...

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  1. Hannah's room turned out so cute! I love the pink and yellow together!