Thursday, November 5, 2009

Princess Classics on Ice!

So, at the last minute Gina and I planned to take the families to Disney on Ice: Princess Classics! Literally, we bought tickets Thursday night for the Sunday afternoon show! We somehow convinced the Dad's to come too, and I'm sure they were thrilled they did! The little girls were totally excited to see princesses, but I think the big girls were even more excited!!
Emma's grandma brought the girls crowns and princess wands, but since the little ones weren't into the crowns, Gina and I grabbed them and got in the spirit!
The first half of the show, Hannah was totally into it, and she couldn't wait to see Snow White. When the girls would stand next to each other they would cuddle and it was super cute!

The show was really good, and it was so much fun watching it through Hannah's eyes, I think I was looking at her more than the ice skaters! To see her get excited and clap along with songs was awesome. However, after intermission Hannah got a little restless and was done sitting still. If the show had ended there, it would have been a total success, but I think she was still a little too young to be still for the 2 hour show and she was ready to go. But we persevered and made it to watch Cinderella and the Prince get married in the end.

After the show, Daddy and Hannah with her crown that came with the cotton candy... she was ready to go home!

I was wanting to take her to Disney on Ice in February, but maybe we'll save the money and take her in a year or 2 when she can enjoy it a little more! But, I'm glad we are able to provide her with all these fun experiences!

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